How and why to cook kandy for bees

Caring for bees is a daunting task as it has a number of nuances that need to be figured out.

Experienced beekeepers should know when to feed the bees and what to prepare.

Today, dough has become common, which contains sugar and honey. This top dressing is called kandy. It is important to know the recipe for this test.

Cooking bee candy does not take long, it is easy to make.


  • What is this top dressing?
  • Cooking kandy with honey and granulated sugar
  • Sugar Candy Recipe
  • Other recipes
  • How is kandy given to bees?

What is this top dressing?

Candy is a sweet mixture that resembles dough. When the owners begin to feed the bees with this top dressing, the birth rate of little workers does not increase.

This is an important benefit of this mixture. For example, syrups are also given to bees, but it is they that influence the increase in fertility. And this is not advisable in the winter.

If the population continues to increase, then the workers may not have enough supplies that they have prepared for the winter.

Therefore, the task of the beekeeper is to prevent starvation of the bees. You can feed them with kandy both in winter and in spring.

It should not be forgotten that the main component of top dressing is bee honey of natural origin.

But experts say that such an ingredient can carry with it a variety of bacteria, which in the future can destroy most of the inhabitants of the hive.

Therefore, they recommend using inverted sugar instead of honey. Among its components are glucose and fructose, which makes it almost a complete analogue of a product of natural origin. But sugar contains fewer minerals.

Cooking kandy with honey and granulated sugar

Initially, you should prepare powdered sugar; for this, granulated sugar is used.

It needs to be ground well, and then sieved with a sieve. Ultimately, you should get a homogeneous mass, without unnecessary details. This will affect the final result.

If you make poorly powdered sugar, then the prepared dressing will quickly become hard, like a stone.

You should also carry out the correct preparation of honey, which should not contain crystals. To do this, you can use a water bath.

After that, you should perform the following procedures:

  • honey is taken
  • then powdered sugar is gradually added, which should be taken 4 times more than honey
  • the mixture should be stirred well

If the dough comes out steep, then you can add a little water. All this is well mixed until the mass becomes homogeneous.

At the end, you can check whether the dough is ready or not. For this, it is placed on the table. It should not stick, spread. If this does not happen, then it is safe to say that the dough is ready.

After that, cakes are made from kandy, the weight of each of them should be about 1 kg. Then you can feed the bees. This procedure also needs to be done correctly.

Sugar Candy Recipe

First you need to put a pot filled with water on the fire. It needs to be heated. After that, you need to gradually pour in granulated sugar, while stirring the water.

After a while, the mixture should thicken. Before the water boils, you need to dissolve the sugar. Otherwise, it may burn, which will negatively affect the taste of the kandy. This will cause inconvenience and harm to the bees.

After that, you need to taste the prepared mixture. Take a small amount and then put it in cold water.

If the dough has been cooked correctly, then the mixture will harden. If you take it in your mouth after that, it will become soft.

Next, you should get a paper made of paraffin or wax. They put it on a flat table, and stick wooden sticks on the edges. This will prevent the product from spreading.

After that, the prepared mixture is poured out. She will gradually begin to harden. Until this happens, several cuts should be made in different places.

This will be needed in the future, when the dough is divided, so initially you need to make the correct cuts so that you get even squares.

According to this recipe, kandy turns out to be light in color, and sometimes completely transparent. If the mixture is burnt during cooking, then it should be thrown away, since such feeding should not be given to bees.

To prevent this from happening, you should systematically reduce the fire. After a while, the mixture becomes sticky, so bees can taste it.

Other recipes

There are other recipes for feeding bees that you can also use. This will require flour. Cooking in this case will be much more difficult.

When the syrup boils, you need to gradually pour out the flour. Sugar should be 3 times more than flour. Soy flour is ideal because it contains a lot of protein.

It should be remembered that this whole mixture should boil slowly. And throughout the entire time it needs to be mixed.

Today, many beekeepers have faced a problem when their bees started to get sick, so they began to add certain medicines or vitamins for insects to kandy.

How is kandy given to bees?

After the top dressing has been prepared, it should be given to the bees. It is often placed under canvases. First, prepare a bag of kandy.

It is necessary to make cuts and release a quarter of the mass. Next, you need to put it on a lattice made of metal or plastic. This should be done to prevent the dough from dropping.

After that, you need to open the top of the hive, and quickly put the cooked kandy inside. It is best to do this quietly so as not to disturb the bees.

Beekeepers advise placing polyethylene on top, this will increase the humidity. These conditions are ideal for bees to eat kandy.

But ventilation in the hive must also be sufficient, while it must be systematically insulated.

If there is not enough food for the bees, then the amount of kandy can be increased to 2 kilograms.

If the wintering takes place normally, then the feeding will be enough for a long time. The bees will not need extra food. The main thing is to prepare the kandy correctly.

Kandy making video:

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