Inta-vir from pests: instructions for use

Many summer residents and housewives encountered harmful insects and parasites that live in the garden, greenhouses, rooms.

To destroy insect pests, there are many different drugs, but the most demanded and popular is the Inta-vir insecticide. It is a broad-spectrum drug that can kill about 50 different types of insects.


  • Characteristics of the drug Inta-vir
  • How to use a pest drug

Characteristics of the drug Inta-vir

The main active ingredient of the drug is cypermethrin, the concentration of which is 3.75%. This substance has a paralyzing effect on pests. Inta-vir is produced in the form of tablets or powder.

The drug belongs to the pyrethroid group. These are natural insecticides found in some Asteraceae plants. Especially these synthetic substances are found in representatives of the genus chamomile, chrysanthemum and tansy.

Pyrethroids, synthetic analogs of pyrethrins, quickly attack the nervous system of pests during contact with plants. In insects, under the influence of these substances, muscle spasms and convulsions begin. All this leads to paralysis and death of pests.

Plants resist pests and take less damage. Pyrethrin poses no danger to plants. This drug is characterized by its versatile chemical properties and fights lepidoptera, Homoptera and Coleoptera:

  • Carrot fly
  • Colorado beetle
  • Potato ladybug and moth
  • Cabbage whitefish and scoop
  • Sorrel leaf beetle
  • Moths
  • Aphid
  • Thrips
  • Bedbugs, etc.

A preparation based on pyrethroids has a negative effect on harmful and beneficial insects that pollinate plants. Therefore, the drug should be used with caution. Agricultural pests may be resistant to the substance. In this case, another drug should be used.

How to use a pest drug

To kill insects, you need to dilute a tablet or powder in 10 liters of water. Spraying should be carried out in calm weather when there is no rain. It is advisable to sprinkle in the morning or evening. It is important to keep the leaves wetted evenly. To do this, you can use a household spray bottle.

Only fresh Inta-vir solution should be used. If a solution remains after the spraying procedure, then it is prohibited to store it.

A good result will be if there is no rain for several hours after sprinkling. It is recommended to process crops such as pear, quince, apple tree one and a half weeks after the beginning of flowering.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure after 2 weeks. More than 3 chemical treatments are not allowed. In order not to cause addiction in some insects, you can alternate Inta-vir with other pest drugs.

Strawberries are best processed before flowering, while gooseberries and currants can be processed before and after flowering. For a 10-liter bucket of water, you will need one and a half Inta-vir tablets. Cherries and cherries should be processed before coloring the berries. One tree will need 2-5 liters of solution.

When pests appear on tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, you can spray with the prepared solution. If the pests appeared after a while again, then the treatment with Inta-vir is repeated.

It is prohibited to use the drug in the area of ​​water bodies, since the active substance is highly toxic to aquatic fauna. To destroy indoor insects (bugs, cockroaches, fleas, etc.), the following concentration of the drug is set: for cockroaches, one tablet of the drug is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water, for other types of indoor pests - 1 tablet per 0.7 liters of water.

The drug has a 3 hazard class, i.e. the substance has a detrimental effect on pests and poses a minimal threat to humans and domestic animals.

When working with Inta-Vir, it is necessary to observe precautions and use special protective equipment: gloves, a dressing gown, a respirator, boots and goggles. After finishing treatment with the drug, you must thoroughly wash your face and hands.

If the procedure was performed at home, then you should not eat and smoke in the treated room. If any signs of poisoning appear, you must call an ambulance and provide first aid before the arrival of specialists.

The victim's mouth and nose should be rinsed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. A mineral laxative or activated charcoal can be given to remove toxins from the body.

This chemical must not be stored together with food and medicine. Keep out of the reach of children. The storage temperature should be between -10 and +30 degrees.

Correct spraying in the garden in order to get rid of pests and diseases:

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