Growing and caring for eggplants: work for the patient

Eggplant is a very thermophilic and light-demanding plant. It is better to plant eggplant seedlings in pots, Seeds germinate in 10-15 days at a temperature of 22-26 degrees, then it can be slightly reduced.

Eggplant does not tolerate transplanting well, therefore it must be very carefully transplanted to a new place. In order for the plant to better adapt to the new conditions, it should be shaded and watered daily for 2 - 3 days.

Growing and caring for eggplants does not require special knowledge, but the gardener should follow some rules:

  1. .Correct plant formation: after the eggplant fruit has formed, the side shoots should be removed. To obtain an earlier harvest, no more than three to four fruits should be left on the plant.
  2. Eggplant leaves are a favorite treat of the Colorado potato beetle, so you need to use remedies for this pest.
  3. Both lack and abundance of moisture can harm the fruit of eggplant. In dry weather, watering is needed otherwise the taste will deteriorate, bitterness will be strongly felt.
  4. Eggplants prefer to grow in places where cabbage and root crops used to be. Before planting, the site is approved by mullein, bird droppings.

Growing and caring for eggplants will bring you real pleasure when, after six months of labor, the plant will delight you with tasty, large and juicy fruits.

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