How long to keep fresh cucumbers

Keeping cucumbers fresh is not easy. With thick skin, they can last a little longer than other varieties.

There are many simple ways to store fresh cucumbers.

Many gardeners know that cucumbers are better preserved at low temperatures. Fresh cucumbers also love high humidity. However, there are several other conditions for long-term storage of fresh cucumbers.


  • Features of storing cucumbers in the refrigerator
  • Other ways to store cucumbers

Features of storing cucumbers in the refrigerator

So that after buying or harvesting the cucumbers do not turn yellow and do not lose their freshness, you should know several storage methods. In the refrigerator, cucumbers will not lose their qualities for a long time if they are stored on the lower shelf. First, the fruits should be put in a plastic bag and not tied for air access. You do not need to wash the cucumbers, as this can damage the skin, and this reduces the storage time.

When storing fresh cucumbers in the refrigerator, refresh it regularly with cool water. To do this, it is enough to spray them. After that, let it dry and only then put it back in the refrigerator. If you do not allow the liquid to drain, then the fruits will begin to rot.

For storage in the refrigerator, cling film helps. Each fresh cucumber must be wrapped in plastic and placed on the bottom shelf.

Sprinkled cucumbers with salt will also increase shelf life. They must be cut into pieces, put in a jar and sprinkled with salt. Then close the lid and refrigerate. Before serving, cucumbers should be soaked in water to remove salt.

Do not store cucumbers in the refrigerator along with fruits and vegetables that emit ethylene. These products include: bananas, apples, apricots, pears, peaches, melons, tomatoes.

Some people store cucumbers in the freezer. After defrosting, they lose their pleasant appearance, but they can be used for salad or slicing. Moreover, all useful properties are preserved in them.

You can also store cucumbers in the cellar in ordinary boxes. To preserve moisture, put a film on the bottom of the box. In addition to the boxes, you can use ordinary pots with lids.

Cucumbers keep well in a glass jar. Before you put the cucumbers in the jar, you need to rinse them with boiled water. Then dry the fruits. Put horseradish in the jar. It can be grated or sliced. After the whole procedure, put the cucumbers in a jar and store in a cool dark place. Cucumbers must be whole, otherwise the taste of the fruit will deteriorate.

Other ways to store fresh cucumbers

You can keep the cucumbers fresh and firm by plucking them with their stalks. At home, lower the stems along with the cucumbers into a container of water and refrigerate. If necessary, take one stem with a cucumber and use as directed. The remaining cucumbers with stalks will stand in the refrigerator with regular water changes for about a week.

To preserve the harvest of fresh cucumber fruits, experienced summer residents process the pimples with egg white. After the procedure, they must be suspended. The film formed on the surface will not allow moisture to come out. Using this method, the fruits will be juicy for several more days.

The original way to store cucumbers is in cabbage. Plant cucumber seeds between cabbage seedlings. When the ovary appears, small cucumbers should be laid out between the leaves of the head of cabbage. As a result, when the cucumbers grow, they will be inside the cabbage leaves. This method allows you to keep fresh fruits for a very long time.

Storing cucumbers in a vinegar chamber will allow you to enjoy fresh fruits for another 2-3 months, and in some varieties, all winter. To do this, pour vinegar into an enamel pot so that the liquid covers the bottom.

Then put a wire rack on top of the pan so that the cucumbers do not touch the vinegar liquid. It turned out to be a kind of improvised vinegar chamber. Close the pot tightly and store in a cool place.

Another equally effective way of storing cucumbers is in an earthen pot. Gently fold the cucumbers into a pot and cover with dry river sand. Next, dig a hole and place a pot there and cover it with earth. In winter, you can surprise not only households, but also guests with such fresh and tasty cucumbers.

Experienced summer residents recommend this method of storing fresh cucumbers: after harvesting, put cucumber fruits in a wooden barrel and close tightly. Then in the fall, a barrel of cucumbers is lowered to the bottom of the reservoir. In winter and spring, fresh cucumbers are taken out and eaten.

If you use these simple methods, you can save a fresh harvest of cucumbers. All these methods allow you to extend the shelf life of the fruit for a short time. Therefore, it is better to set aside some of the cucumbers that you will definitely eat, and marinate or pickle the rest.

Secrets of keeping fresh cucumbers.

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