Argirantemum: summer bloom

Every florist dreams of getting a plant, the flowers of which will please the eye not for several days or even weeks, but bloom during almost the entire warm season. Argiranthemum or silver flower can be safely attributed to such plants.


  • Description of the plant
  • Popular varieties of argiranthemum
  • Cultivation of argyranthemum

Description of the plant

Argirantemum is a perennial flowering plant isolated from the genus Chrysanthemum into an independent genus Argirantemum, the Astrovye family. At home, in the Canary Islands, the silver flower grows in a humid and warm climate. In cooler conditions, it is grown as an annual or as a pot plant.

They call the silver flower and chrysanthemum daisy and Parisian chamomile.

This is due to the fact that in appearance the white, yellow or pink flowers of argiranthemum are similar to chamomile or daisy flowers. Their centers are collected from tubular flowers, most often yellow, and along the edges are white, pink, yellow reed-type flowers.

The plant has straight stems, the height of which varies from 0.4 m to 1 m. Strongly feathery leaves have a green-silver or dark-green color with a bluish bloom. Argyranthemum leaves are collected in a root rosette. In general, the plant is a spherical bush.

In total, there are about 20 species of this plant, in addition, there are many varieties and hybrids.

Popular varieties of argiranthemum

In the wild, the flowers of the silver flower have a typical "chamomile" color. The middle of the flowers is yellow, and the marginal petals are white. But breeders have obtained varieties and hybrids of Argirantemum with flowers of various colors.

The most popular varieties of chrysanthemum daisy today among flower growers are:

  1. Flamingo - the variety is in demand due to its abundant and unusually long flowering. The first buds open at the very beginning of summer, when the bush is covered with pink flowers. The period of intense flowering lasts until the October frosts. The height of the bush is 40 - 50 cm. It is used as a border and flower bed plant.
  2. Sunshine Silver is a variety with very bright yellow flowers, the marginal petals are lighter than the dark yellow centers. Bushes up to 60 cm high. Stems are straight, abundant and long flowering. Great for mono plantings and mixborders.
  3. Daizy Crazy Summersond Rose, long flowering, from June to September, light pink flowers, up to 5 cm in diameter. The plant can be grown in the garden and containers to decorate loggias, terraces, courtyards.
  4. Angelic White, snow-white flowers open in the second half of June, continuous flowering lasts more than two months. Can be formed as a standard plant.

Stamp form

With even a little skills in floriculture, you can form a Parisian chamomile as a standard tree.

To do this, in September, cut stem cuttings from the bush and plant them in a container with moist soil. Wait for the roots to appear and plant in separate pots. As it grows, remove all side shoots. Establish a straight support and tie the seedling, and after lignification, transplant it into a large pot.

When the desired growth is achieved, pinch off the top. In the future, produce a spherical crown by limiting the growth of lateral shoots.

In summer, the standard form of argiranthemum will decorate any patio, and in winter it will look good in a living room.

You can buy argiranthemum for growing by seeds, rooted cuttings, ready-made plants in pots.

Cultivation of argyranthemum

In the wild, Argirantemum grows in the warm maritime climate of the Canary Islands. Low forms are grown as a houseplant, acquiring either rooted young cuttings or already flowering specimens.

In the open field, they are grown as an annual, through preliminary sowing of seedlings. Sowing seeds of chrysanthemum daisy is produced in March. Landing in open ground can be started in the second half of May.

The place for planting argirantemum should be well lit by sunlight, partial shade is also possible. The flower thrives on light soils without stagnant water. Watering is moderate, for a bright, abundant and long-lasting flowering, it is important not to overfeed the plants. When grown in organic-rich soil, the green mass of the leaves grows, and the number of flowers decreases.

In order to actively form new buds, flowers that have already faded must be removed from the plant in a timely manner.

In the open field, the plant does not hibernate, but if it is transplanted into a container and brought indoors, it will survive the winter. It is important to withstand argiranthemum during the cold season at temperatures no higher than +15 and moderate watering. Given that the plant is not yet very common in horticultural culture, the way to preserve it in winter is very important.

Chrysanthemum daisy looks beautiful in standard form. Such a plant can be purchased already formed, or you can try to grow it yourself.

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