Installation of "turnkey" unlimited Internet at the dacha and in a private house

Engineers of our company will connect and configure high-speed unlimited Internet in the country, in a country house or in a new building throughout the Moscow region.

Real speed

Unlimited tariffs

You can easily use Skype, watch movies, work remotely and even play online!

There is a campaign "Summer without Borders 2015" - full turnkey installation: all the equipment necessary for connection, commissioning and adjustment, technical support - for 13,500 rubles instead of 14,400 rubles!

The wireless network will allow you to connect your laptop, tablet, phone and other devices that support WiFi technology. We will provide full signal coverage

You can leave a request by phone 8 (495) 644-80-87 or on the website

We will be glad to connect you to the Internet!

Watch the video: HAX - Building the task-list element (January 2022).