How to care for aloe at home: a few tips

Many people have a pot of aloe on their windowsills at home. That is why, almost all grandmothers have aloe at home. But, true, few people thought about how to properly care for a flower so that it does not dry out and please the eyes of everyone who enters the house?


  • A little about the plant
  • Flower care
  • Plant diseases

A little about the plant

Before moving on to how best to care for a flower, you need to know a little more about it. What every man in the street knows. So, aloe is one of the most famous ancient plants, the benefits of which were known even then. In addition, there are many references to the flower from the apostles, who noted that almost everything can be cured with the sap of the plant.

In different medicine, different parts of the plant are considered especially healing. So, in our country, leaves are most often used, while in India roots are also used.

By resorting to the help of aloe, according to the assumption of doctors, you can get rid of such problems as:

  • Wounds that do not heal for a long period of time
  • Various skin conditions that are difficult to treat with drugs
  • Cyst
  • Cancer
  • Plague

Of course, the last three points may raise doubts, but based on the intact properties of the flower, we can conclude that it will not cure the disease, but it will be able to alleviate the condition.

There are several types of aloe, among which the most popular are:

  1. Arboreal, or as it is most often called, agave. True, at home few people can see exactly this kind on the windowsill, but in Africa, in his homeland, it grows almost everywhere.
  2. Faith, or as it is also called the real one. It is he who grows at home with grandparents, and they say about him that this is almost a universal remedy for the treatment of many diseases.
  3. Spinous. A very beautiful view, but, unfortunately, it is also rarely found at home.

As mentioned above, most often you can find it is aloe vera, which is less whimsical compared to other species, and besides, it is much easier to get it.

Flower care

Despite the fact that the homeland of aloe is Africa, that is, this plant is quite picky, it still needs special care, thanks to which its leaves will be much better, and it will grow faster.

So, there are several basic requirements for good flower care:

  1. The temperature in the room should be medium. Aloe is unpretentious to room temperature, so it is enough to observe the regime that will be comfortable for all residents of the house.
  2. Shine. The flower must constantly be in the sun, since light is what it needs. That is why it is best to change the location of the pot throughout the year depending on where more light falls. But in the summer, if the house has a balcony, then it is best to take the flower out into the fresh air.
  3. Water. Due to the fact that the ancestors of aloe grew in Africa, this flower is not picky about moisture. If you forget to water it a couple of times, then nothing bad will happen. But if, on the contrary, pouring water over the earth heavily, then this can ruin it. In the summer and hot months, it is best to water the aloe every day, but at the same time remove the excess drained water into the sump, but in winter the number of waterings can be reduced to once every two or three days. Of course, if it is noticeable that the soil has become very dry, then it is better to water it a little.
  4. Humidity. We should also say about the humidity in the room. If there is a humidifier in the room, then there is no need to worry about this. But if there is none, and besides, winter time has come, then the heating is turned on, then you need to spray it with water every week.
  5. Fertilizing the soil. Aloe is no different from other indoor plants, which must be fed every month, that is, fertilized the soil.
  6. The soil. As for the soil that is poured into the pot, it should not be simple soil dug out on the street, but well-fertilized soil, preferably purchased from a specialized store directly for planting aloe.

In principle, caring for this flower is not so painstaking. And therefore, almost everyone acquires it, since it gives the house comfort, and at the same time does not require increased attention to itself.

Plant diseases

Despite the fact that the flower is not whimsical, there are still a number of diseases that can affect it. The most common are:

  1. Root rot. If several leaves were found on the flower, which darkened and became limp, then you can safely dig up the flower and begin to examine its roots, which could rot. This usually happens due to frequent watering. In the event that several healthy roots were found, then all damaged ones must be cut off and the flower planted in new ground. But if there are no healthy roots, then it is best to completely cut and root them.
  2. Dry rot. This phenomenon is absolutely opposite to the previous one. It is very difficult to notice the onset of the disease, since the flower literally dries up from the inside, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to save it.
  3. Shield. This is one of the most common misfortunes that occur due to pests. Brown specks can be found on the back of the leaves, which can be removed with a sponge dipped in a little alcohol.

Caring for aloe is not so difficult, the main thing is to water it on time and make sure that the ground is not constantly wet. And of course, carefully watch the diseases, because, even growing in the most comfortable conditions, the flower can get sick.

Video about the proper care of aloe at home:

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