Eggplant Care - Gentle Care

Eggplant care consists in watering, feeding, loosening the soil, forming a bush. Care should be taken when weeding - damage to the superficial root system will affect the yield. During the period of fruit formation, the plant's need for moisture increases. Avoid getting water on the leaves when watering.

The best varieties of eggplant

  • Vikar - early ripening, high fruit-forming ability, simultaneous yield, pear-shaped, purple, opaque fruits;
  • Solaris - early maturing, cold-resistant, good setting, elongated pear-shaped fruits, dark purple, glossy;
  • Snowy - early ripe, original, cylindrical white fruits;
  • Hoarfrost - medium early, fruits are small, oval, white.

Paying attention to caring for eggplants, you can significantly increase the yield of this vegetable.

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