How to grow potatoes from seeds

How to grow potatoes from seeds... No matter how trite it sounds, but potatoes occupy one of the first places in our diet. You can't do without it in our kitchen. It is good any - boiled and baked with salted fish or milk mushrooms and in any borscht or soup. Therefore, we grow potatoes on our plots.

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You can, of course, just buy at the market or in a store, without thinking about how it was grown, but it is better to grow your own tasty and environmentally friendly potatoes. Today, there are many interesting ways to grow potatoes. Let's talk today how to grow potatoes from seeds. With the usual method of growing, the variety degenerates over time and the yield of potatoes decreases sharply. Viral, fungal and bacterial diseases accumulate in tubers. To avoid this, it is necessary to update the seed material, which means you need to acquire the tubers of a new variety , and it is best to grow potatoes from their seed. With a little time, you will get an excellent elite seed material that will give a good harvest for five to six years. Seeds can be purchased at a specialized institute or in a gardening store, or you can make yourself by picking berries from potato bushes. Potato seeds are a strategic material and remain viable for up to ten years. When growing seedlings, proper seed preparation is of great importance. To accelerate seed germination, you can apply wet heating at a temperature of about 40 degrees for fifteen minutes. The seed can be treated with microelements or special preparations that accelerate the germination of seeds. It is advisable to harden the seeds for ten days as follows - place them in a refrigerator overnight (temperature about one degree of heat), and transfer them to room conditions for the day. Seed potatoes are grown in two stages, in the first year - seed material, in the second year a full harvest of potatoes. For growing seedlings, seeds in April are sown in prepared boxes in loose nutritious soil, with the addition of fertilizers. It is advisable to disinfect the earth by any method. Seeds are distributed at a distance of five centimeters from each other, to a depth of one centimeter, sprinkled on top with earth or sand and slightly compacted the soil. Then the box is covered with plastic wrap and placed in a warm place. After a week, shoots will appear and the box must be rearranged in a bright place or carry out additional lighting in order to avoid stretching the seedlings.When the first two leaves appear, it is necessary to very carefully dive the seedlings into separate containers. At the end of May, the grown seedlings are carefully planted in the ground, deepening to the first leaves. It is advisable to cover the top of the planting with a covering material for better rooting of seedlings and to protect against possible frost. Further, the care of the plants is carried out using the usual methods. In autumn, the resulting nodules are collected and stored separately, then they move on to the usual method of growing potatoes. We spoke to youhow to grow potatoes from seedsto renew the seed fund, get rid of accumulated diseases and significantly increase yields. I recommend reading. Potato varieties. How to get rid of late blight.

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