What's the difference - Korean cedar or pine, if it's almost a panacea?

Even in hoary antiquity, this majestic coniferous plant was called cedar. Since then, everyone knows this ordinary five-coniferous pine as Korean cedar.


  • Biological properties
  • The medicinal value of cedar
  • Healing products

Biological properties

This thorny giant has become not just a decoration, but a real soul and pride of the boundless taiga. The lifespan of a cedar is up to half a thousand years! And it is not surprising, because its height reaches 45 meters, and its diameter is more than one and a half meters.

Its needles are kept on low shoots, on each - bunches of 5 pieces. The length of the needle is from 8 to 20 centimeters, its width is up to 2 millimeters. The needles are green with a bluish tint, soft, divided into 3 rough edges with pointed edges. Each needle can live for more than 5 years.

The bark of the cedar is brown with a gray and purple tint. It is thin, very exfoliated, and over the years it splits into separate sheets of a chaotic shape. The greenery of the tree is lush, the shape of a young cedar is elongated, rounded, and closer to the middle of its century - conical. Many trees have several peaks at once, because their fragile branches break under the weight of the cones.

The best picking of pine nuts is every third or fourth year. Under natural conditions, the tree bears fruit after 5 years and up to 120. In artificial plantings, the yield, of course, is much weaker, and fruiting lasts a maximum of 30 years of age. And this is only with excellent illumination.

The Korean cedar grows in Russia in the Far East, where its forests are very widespread. They find food and a place to live for different types of animals, including industrial ones. With all the infinity of the planting areas of cedar forests, today there are very few - less than 3 percent of all forests in the region. Poor cutting of wood contributes to a decrease in the area of ​​cedar.

Today it has become very fashionable to use Korean cedar in landscape design. Moreover, he quite steadfastly endures the conditions offered to him. True, such sizes and yields, as in natural conditions, cannot be obtained from it. But the aesthetic pleasure that the plant gives people is no less important.

In order not only to save, but also to multiply the plantations of Korean cedar, you need to use it wisely. For this, the cutting of trees must only be sanitary. It is also important to plant young cedar plantings on time.

The medicinal value of cedar

A huge number of very rare medicinal herbs grow in cedar thickets, including:

  • Schisandra
  • Ginseng
  • Zamaniha
  • Eleutherococcus and many others

But the Korean cedar itself has healing properties known to everyone. Moreover, if not everything, then almost everything is useful in it:

  • wood
  • nuts
  • needles
  • sap
  • and even air

Yes, the oxygen produced by these trees is really very useful. Even the most persistent microbes cannot survive in it, it invigorates, increases strength and softens asthenic conditions. Scientists have discovered that the air in the cedar forest is cleaner than in the most sterile operating room, spruce or pine forest.

Therefore, doctors recommend resting in cedar plantings. It would be wise to plant this tree near a gazebo and other place where you can sit and relax. Or you can simply put a bench under the cedar itself to breathe in its purest spirit.

From time immemorial, folk healers have included pine needles in drugs for disinfection, increasing the outflow of urine and sweating. Medicines based on it were used to treat cough and various degrees of scurvy. A decoction of cedar needles can be drunk and used during inhalation. It helps to cure heart and vascular diseases. It is used as a multivitamin product that helps to restore the strength lost by the body during prolonged painful conditions, serious wounds and complex operations.

You can rinse your mouth with pine needles infusion, which will help strengthen the gum tissue and improve the composition of the dentin. Needles can easily treat even migraines. And lotions and baths with needles help to overcome problems with the skin and joints.

The inhabitants of Siberia have always used fresh bark as a wound healing agent. Bast infusion is indicated for tuberculosis and festering wounds. It seems that this plant contains everything that a person needs for health. Just take it and live forever!

Healing products

Korean cedar gives quite valuable nuts - a delicious delicacy and an excellent invigorating product that promotes health. If you systematically consume Korean cedar nuts for food, they will increase the protective potential of the body, bring blood pressure back to normal, and save you from the deposition of sclerotic plaques in the blood vessels.

Cedar needles are a source of valuable oil, an included potion for healing the liver and kidneys.

Even in ancient times, the Greeks made medicinal turpentine from cedar resin. The cedar resin was brought to a high temperature in vats covered with woolen linen. At the same time, a heavy amber liquid descended, which solidified into rosin. The wool collected the fumes in the form of turpentine, which the resin gave off. The fabric was squeezed from time to time to collect the same turpentine.

These products from the resin were made in the ancient Greek policy of Kolophon, which gave the name to the current rosin. The Egyptians used resin to preserve sarcophagi and embalm mummies.

Cedar resin is an excellent antiviral and antibacterial agent. And cedar balm, a sterile resin, has always been indispensable during the treatment of festering wounds, burns and boils.

Korean cedar secretes resin, which is used internally for trophic ulcers and lung diseases. Camphor is made from turpentine, which is used for nervous weaknesses. The turpentine itself is added to ointments for joints, rubbing from neuralgia, compresses for colds and coughs.

The invaluable healing qualities of the Korean cedar are far from its only advantage. It is all the more pleasant that it can be grown even at home.

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