Problem: either a disease or spoiled soil. How to tidy up fruit trees?

Dear colleagues! I got a plot in Bulgaria, where no one did anything for about ten years. There are fruit trees.

A common problem is no harvest. The fruits are small.


Many weak, almost withered branches.

The leaves on all trees have, as it were, dried out areas.

Lichen on the trunks.

Now about each:

Quince: When I got there (at the beginning of summer) there were shriveled brown fruits hanging on the tree. I decided that they were not harvested last year - they dried up. However, new fruits appeared and developed, rather large, some are slightly deformed. In early September, I left, and when I returned a month later, I saw that my quince fruits already had the same appearance as last year: again dried, wrinkled and darkened. The neighbors were hanging ripe large pears and grapes.

Cherry: There are a lot of berries (although they could be larger). Sometimes worms were found in the berries. In mid-August, she suddenly began to shed her foliage, and by September she was almost naked. At the same time, the neighboring cherries remained in the foliage.

Plum: There are many "daughters" around and nearby, apparently - from the fact that no one gathered the fruits. Almost overgrown. There are quite large fruits (about - 25 mm), but mostly small, the size of a good cherry. By all indications, it is clear that the fruits are of the same variety, even on the same tree with large ones. Plus general symptoms.

Apricot: A tree about four meters high with only two fruits. Normal, large, tasty, but only two. And there is very little foliage.

Walnut: A large tree, eight meters high, spreading ... Walnuts are very modest in size, and frankly, not thick for such a large tree. There is a hollow in the trunk. Some kind of bird lived there. Nuts grow on the road in the village - at least twice as large, and there are many on the tree, but I can't see them, so few of them. And by the way - the nuts are falling green. I was told that they should ripen on the tree.

A huge colony of ants was discovered on the site. We offended them a little, and they left.

I intuitively guess that I need to get rid of the withered branches and "daughters", feed them properly, and treat them from a certain disease. Neighbors - Bulgarians say that such a disease occurs on grapes, either a dry leaf or a burnt leaf is called ... Also, a neighbor said that in the spring there was some kind of acid rain, and that all their tomato tops turned brown. Then the son came, processed something, and saved. I asked the Bulgarians all that I could. Specifically, I didn’t learn anything useful. Not with anything to water from an infection, or something from an acidic thing ... Either they don't understand me, or they really don't know anything else, or - their own national peculiarities ...

Another interesting fact: Carrots, radishes, squash, dill, cilantro were sown. So: Carrots have grown from a finger, radishes - literally a few pieces have grown to about 40 mm in diameter. The rest are 20 mm, like peas! Dill in general is a small herb and is rare. Patissons - nothing like that. Normal.

Maybe the reason for all the troubles is that the soil is saturated with these acids? By the way, a soil analysis kit is sold in stores. I think - not in vain. There is a demand.

I would be grateful for tips from experienced gardeners and farmers: First, is it worth pruning healthy branches so that the tree develops not in favor of thin branches, but in favor of the trunk and powerful branches.

By the way, I think some of these "daughters" will be transplanted. Tell me, at what time it is better to do it.

Thirdly, how to treat this disease and if the soil is saturated with this acid rain - maybe it makes sense to treat it somehow?

Fourthly, what and how to feed?

What time should you carry out all these procedures?

Thank you very much for your attention to my rather lengthy question. Perhaps, in the opinion of the administration of the forum, the topic was not posted there. I apologize and request that you move it to a better location.

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