When apple trees are planted: planting time and rules

The apple tree is one of the most popular trees in a summer cottage or a personal plot. Let's figure out the time of planting the apple tree.

In principle, you can plant an apple tree at any time, but the most successful periods will be spring and autumn. Each of these periods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider the autumn and summer planting of apple trees.


  • Planting in autumn
  • Planting in spring
  • Planting time and tree age

Planting in autumn

The main advantage of the autumn planting of the apple tree is that during the winter the seedling has "settled down", has grown into the soil, has strengthened the roots and with the onset of the spring period the plant will begin to actively grow and develop. If we talk about numbers, then most often the planting of seedlings begins in early October, in order to give the roots enough time to harden well.

Planting an apple tree in autumn is best suited for the southern regions of the country, as well as for areas where the soil is rich in black soil. The soil for the apple tree should be loose and pass water and air well.

  1. It is advisable to start preparing a pit for planting an apple tree at least a month in advance. To do this, it is necessary to make a deepening, about a meter in diameter and about 70 cm deep. Do not forget that the top layer of the earth should be set aside separately from the rest of the soil, since it is more fertile.
  2. In the center of the hole, you will need to fix the stake, it should protrude above the ground by about 30-40 cm. Do not forget to first burn the side of the stake that will be in the ground, this will save it from decay.
  3. Next, prepare a mixture for an apple tree from a fertile layer of soil, compost, humus, manure, peat and organic fertilizer. Fill the hole completely with this nutrient mixture.
  4. Then, at the appointed time (in early October), you can plant an apple tree seedling in a prepared place. It is necessary to make a small hole, at the bottom of which a little black soil should be poured.
  5. Dip the rhizome into the hole, make sure that the hammered peg ends up on the south side of the tree trunk. The seedling should be planted in such a way that the root neck of the trunk rises above the ground at a height of about 5 cm.
  6. The seedling must be tied to a hammered peg, this is done to prevent the tree from settling. Then fill the hole with water, about 3-4 buckets. Next, the hole is covered with earth.

Planting in spring

The advantage of planting an apple tree in the spring is that by the onset of a harsh winter, the trees are already strong enough and confidently and easily survive the winter. Spring planting of apple trees begins in early May or at the very end of April, when the earth has just moved away from winter and thawed.

A characteristic feature of the spring planting of apple trees is abundant and frequent watering at the very beginning, in order to avoid drying out of the roots.

A week before planting seedlings, it is necessary to prepare the ground and make a hole. If the soil is good, then the depth of the hole should not exceed 60 cm. If the soil is not very good, then a hole should be dug at least 70 cm deep. The diameter of the hole should be approximately 60-80 cm, depending on the soil.

Before planting an apple tree in spring, it is worth thoroughly moistening the roots of the seedlings. To do this, leave apple seedlings in a container with plain water for a day. Thus, the roots are saturated with moisture, this will help protect them from drying out.

The rest of the preparation and planting of seedlings is carried out in the same way as the planting rules described above.

A characteristic feature of the spring planting of apple trees is abundant watering. A young seedling is well poured with water until the earth ceases to absorb all moisture. And in order to prevent evaporation of liquid and the appearance of weeds, the surface of the soil is covered with dry grass and humus.

Landing in summer

Planting an apple tree in the summer is extremely rare, most often it is a forced measure of transplanting a tree from place to place. In this case, it is worth paying special attention not only to the preparation of the soil, but also to watering and increasing the feeding of the seedling.

Planting time and tree age

The planting time of the apple tree also depends on the age of the tree. For example, in the spring it is better to give preference to young plants, the age of which does not exceed 2 years. For more mature seedlings, autumn is also suitable. And if we talk about completely mature trees, then the time for transplanting them should be chosen in autumn or even winter, when the tree is in a state of complete dormancy. In this case, the apple tree will better tolerate all changes in its location and will not die.

Some mistakes when planting apple trees

It does not matter, whatever the time of planting the apple tree, some gross mistakes should be avoided:

  1. You should not chase the large size of the seedling when buying, often large seedlings in fact turn out to be bad themselves and do not take root well.
  2. You can not plant young seedlings in the soil that is not properly prepared, otherwise you risk simply ruining the plant.
  3. Do not get carried away with mineral fertilizers while preparing the seedling pit, you can "burn" the roots of the plant.
  4. Very early planting of seedlings with an open root system.

Apple trees are very easy to care for, easy to plant and resistant to various weather conditions. Thanks to their positive qualities, apple trees have long been entrenched in summer cottages throughout the country, delighting gardeners with their harvest. For the successful cultivation of apple trees on his site, an amateur summer resident does not have to put much effort.

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