Choosing a new variety for planting: description of Nevsky potatoes

The importance of potatoes in the human diet is difficult to overestimate, because it is no coincidence that it is called "the second bread". To hang the yield of potatoes, you need not only favorable weather conditions, proper care, but also the right variety.

For our climatic environment, one of the most suitable varieties is called "Potatoes Nevsky". It has a high yield (about 380 - 500 centners per hectare), resistance to many types of pests. A description of the Neva potato will help distinguish it from other varieties: excellent external characteristics - tender, tasty pulp that does not darken after a cut. Fruits are oval, white with red-violet eyes. Nevsky potatoes have a decent presentation, which you will agree, is also important when choosing a variety.

The variety is not at all picky about soil and moisture, it can bear fruit decently on different soils, while it is resistant to both excessive moisture and drought.

The description of the Neva potato will remain incomplete, unless the most important thing is excellent taste, contains a small amount of starch (within 11-15%), and a large amount of vitamin C.

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