Grapes Gift to Zaporozhye: features and care. Secrets of a successful winegrower

No one would refuse to taste delicious grapes, and even more so if they are grown without pesticides in an ecologically clean place. There are many popular table varieties, one of which is the Gift to Zaporozhye. What are these grapes and how easy it is to grow it yourself, let us dwell in detail.


  • Description of grapes Gift to Zaporozhye
  • How to care for a variety
  • Bush pruning rules

Description of grapes Gift to Zaporozhye

The variety Gift to Zaporozhye appeared thanks to the breeder Klyuchikov. It is a table grape and is characterized by the following features:

  • Ripening time - medium (up to 140 days)
  • Weight of bunches - 0.6-2.0 kg
  • Has light green berries, each - 10-20 gr., Length - up to 4 cm
  • Sugar content - 16-18%
  • Tastes like an apple

The variety is considered vigorous. Having planted a seedling of this type of grape, gardeners note that it grows quickly and bears fruit the next year. When flowering, pollination goes well in any weather, in terms of functionality - the female type.

The bunches have a conical or cylindrical-conical shape, and delight their owners with juicy, large fleshy berries. The color of the overripe fruit also remains green. The berries have a dense skin that does not crack when exposed to natural precipitation. The Gift of Zaporozhye bears fruit well, the indicators reach 70%.

Disadvantage: grapes require careful handling. It is necessary to lay the bunches in a row in containers, without piling one on top of the other, otherwise the berries will come off the comb.

The advantages of this variety:

  1. Has an attractive market vee
  2. Resistant to fungal diseases such as oidium, mildew, etc.
  3. Not afraid of a strong drop in temperature. Withstands -24 degrees.
  4. All berries are the same size.
  5. Not afraid of rainy weather.
  6. When propagated, all cuttings take root.

Please note that such indicators can be achieved with proper grape care and adherence to all expert advice.

How to care for a variety

For grapes Gift Zaporozhye needs good and regular care, which will allow you to achieve high yields from a young bush. You should start with the soil: fertilize, water and remove all weeds.

The growing vine must be tied to a peg so that it grows vertically. The newly planted plant is cut off (3 shoots are left on each branch), everything else is removed.

In autumn (at minus indicators), the variety is prepared for wintering:

  1. Leave the vine up to 1 m long.
  2. Bend the plant to the ground.
  3. Make a mound of dirt over the vines.
  4. Cover with a layer of coniferous sawdust.

When the warmth of spring comes, tie the vine to a trellis. Remove all neoplasms - dewy rhizomes that are located at the surface of the soil on underground boles. Such roots interfere with the full development of the lower roots, and are also vulnerable to low temperatures. If the plant is young, then it is necessary to repeat the catarovka procedure in the summer.

Using an iron brush, carefully remove the layer of old bark from the above-ground trunk so as not to damage the wood. Another stage is the execution of the chasing of shoots (shortening to a leaf with normal development). To do this, you need a garden knife or pruner. The optimal time for the procedure is July-August.

Chasing is necessary to enhance the nutrition of the wintering eye and improve the conditions for the ripening of the vines and the ripening of the grapes. Do not delay with this nuance of care. A gift to Zaporozhye will be able to please with active and healthy growth, if cuttings are carried out in a timely manner. It is worth shortening the bush that is characterized by excessive growth of shoots, for example, in autumn humidity. It is also prevention from disease.

Such rules will not cause difficulties even for a novice gardener, and the result will be tangible: a strong bush with active flowering and fruiting.

Bush pruning rules

Pruning before frost is divided into 2 stages in order to make sure that the vines left behind are strong and can provide high yields. After you have harvested the entire crop, you need to clear the branches of links, weak shoots and tops. The optimal time for this is two weeks after the leaves fall. The main thing is that at the time of pruning there is no temperature of -4 degrees, otherwise the vine will be brittle.


  1. In early September, remove young shoots to the level of the first wires (0.5 m from the soil).
  2. Shorten the shoots located on the next wire by 10-12%, cut off the stepsons on the sides.
  3. In the middle of autumn, when the leaves have fallen, leave 2 strong shoots at the same height.
  4. It is necessary to trim the lower shoot that has grown outside the sleeve. Leave 3-4 eyes. This will be a replacement knot.
  5. Cut off the top (on the back side) up to 5-12 eyes. This shoot will be a fruit arrow.
  6. Leave 1-2 buds in reserve, in case there are severe frosts and there is a possibility that branches will freeze in the area of ​​the cuts.
  7. Please note that during cutting, the cuts are made on the inner sides of the shoots (which "look" into the middle of the bush). Such wounds heal faster. Otherwise, sap flow will decrease and the yield will not be what you expect. Cut straight to avoid roughness.

Based on theoretical knowledge, you will be able to cut the grape bushes correctly, due to which the variety's yield will be high.

Grapes Gift to Zaporozhye - quite popular due to the presence of many positive characteristics. But in order to bring them to life, you need to regularly, and most importantly, correctly, take care of the plant, and then it will become the main pride of your garden.

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