How to get purple basil and its cultivation in winter

Unpretentious purple basil and its cultivation are of interest to many. There are also flowers - pink, white.

What is purple basil

This spice has small fruits - dull brown, black. This plant belongs to the thermophilic, even the slightest frost can destroy it. To cultivate it, you need light fertile soil. The sun should warm them well. It is also grown at home, and the results can be very good. There are agricultural rules that must be followed. Let's consider them.

Seedlings are grown in the first stage. With seedling technology, basil seeds are grown in a greenhouse or greenhouse, there is a need to thin out the seedlings. Watering is needed moderate. We need fresh air, that is, regular ventilation. This is necessary so that there is no residue. I must say that if the process of harvesting sprouts is successful, then things will go easier.

In order to plant a plant in open ground, you need May - June. The soil is well warmed up by this time, and the danger of frost should be avoided. The sprouts should be planted 25-30 cm from the other. What does care include?

  • Weed weeding;
  • Loosening.

In basil, shoots are cut from 10-12 cm, without waiting for flowering. Next, you need to tie them into bundles. Overgrowth is contraindicated. But if you hurry with the landing, you can forget about the fruits. Basil can be grown at home all year round. But this will require containers, fertilizers, suitable soil and lighting when winter comes. Then the basil is purple and its cultivation will not be difficult.

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