We figure out how to dry roses correctly

Flowers are a beautiful decoration for any home. Should I be upset? Not! After all, its beauty can be preserved for many months, simply by drying the bouquet. And such flowers will look in the interior no worse than living ones, reminding for a long time about a warm summer or a pleasant moment.


  • What bouquets are best to dry?
  • Dry roses
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What bouquets are best to dry?

  1. If you collect roses for drying in your garden, then you need to do this only during the day and always in dry weather. Make sure the morning dew is dry before cutting the flowers.
  2. Do not leave cut flowers in the sun or near radiators or other heating devices. Roses will begin to fade, and such a bouquet will no longer be suitable for drying.
  3. The bouquet must be fresh. If you have been given a gift, and the roses have already stood in the vase for several days, after which you have just started to think about drying, you will have to give up this idea. The flowers will not wither now, but can only wilt.
  4. Large roses with dense petals are best suited for drying. After drying, they will look prettier and last longer.

Dry roses

In order to dry a bouquet of roses, you will need fresh cut flowers. If you need to dry a store bouquet, then you need to do this on the very first day after purchase. There are several proven ways to preserve flowers for a long time.

Drying in the open air

In a dry, dark and slightly cool room, we pull on a regular clothesline. Cut off the lower leaves from the stems, then hang the roses on a rope with flowers down. You can tie them in with ropes, or you can gently pick them up with clothespins. Roses should not be in contact with each other.

Make sure that no sunlight can get on the flowers. You need to ventilate the room as often as possible, at least twice a day. It will take at least two weeks to dry the roses. This method is convenient because it is easy to control the process.

Drying in river sand

This method requires a large plywood or cardboard box and river sand. First, sift the sand and keep it on fire a little. It is not necessary to look for the nearest river; sand can be purchased at the store. It is very common in pet supplies.

Pour the sand calcined in the fire into the box with a layer of about 8 cm, then carefully put the roses in it with the flowers up. Slowly and carefully cover the roses with sand. The flowers should completely hide under it, while filling the inflorescences very carefully so as not to damage the petals. We keep the box in a dry, cool place, it is better if there is no direct lighting there. It will take at least three weeks to dry, after which we remove the sand from the box by making large holes in the bottom.

Granny's proven way

How have romantic young ladies been drying flowers for centuries? Between the pages of books! Do not spoil a volume of Chekhov or an explanatory dictionary for this. We take several sheets of paper and put roses on them. On top we put any hygroscopic material, for example, napkins, then another layer of paper. Then we gently press down with the load. Paper and napkins should be changed periodically, as they will absorb moisture from the flowers all the time. The roses will turn out flat and are perfect for creating collages, panels or handmade postcards.

Dry rose petals

From rose petals, not only delicious and aromatic jam is obtained, but also wonderful and miraculous home cosmetics, namely: creams, rose water, tinctures and face lotions. The main thing is to dry the petals correctly, and how to use them further depends on the richness of imagination.

Air drying

You can air dry roses by hanging them on a string, and then disassemble the inflorescences into petals. It is better to cover the flowers hanging on the rope with gauze so that dust does not settle on them and in the future they can be used without rinsing with water. You can also pick off the petals from fresh roses, place them on paper and cover with gauze. In both cases, it will take about two to three weeks to dry, and remember that sunlight is contraindicated for flowers!

Drying petals in the sand

The sand is also suitable for drying petals. Be sure to dry with whole inflorescences! Cut off the stems, leaving about 2-3 cm to the bud, pour 3 cm of sand into a small plywood box, put the flowers, continue to slowly fill it with sand, preventing the petals from jamming. The roses must hide completely. We put the box in a dry, dark room. We leave it for two to three weeks.

After drying, the petals should be collected in a cotton bag or dark glass jar, stored in a cool dry place.

Dried flowers, collected in a beautiful composition in a wicker basket or clay vase, will decorate the interior in any style. And rose petals are an excellent base for cosmetics, which will remind of summer warmth with their scent throughout the winter.

Watch how to dry roses in the sand in the video:

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