Malina Brusvyana - the favorite of gardeners

Raspberry is considered to be one of the most useful and delicious berries in our land. It is diverse in its types, but most often summer residents choose the Brusvyana variety, since it has no equal.


  • Description of the Brusvyana raspberry variety
  • Planting and caring for Brusvyan's raspberries
  • The usefulness of raspberry Brusvyan

Description of the Brusvyana raspberry variety

Malina Brusvyana is a remontant variety created by domestic biologists. Treelike bushes of this variety are famous for their height, which reach almost 2 meters and very strong branching. This variety has few thorns, and the shoots are straight due to their thickness, which is very convenient for harvesting. The shoots are completely covered with berries.

The Brusvyana variety gives the largest berries of all existing varieties of raspberries, by weight they reach 15 grams. The berry looks beautiful when it is just filled with its raspberry hue. She goes her rainbow path from a green small berry to a beautiful raspberry sweet and sour yummy.

An important positive quality of this variety of raspberries is hardness, thanks to which you can make jam from them, where the berry will retain its shape.

What is very important for all summer residents and why exactly do they choose this variety? The answer is that Brusvyan's raspberry gives two harvests a year. The first fruits can be harvested in early summer, around June 15, and the second harvest begins in the third month of summer until late autumn. Since Brusvyan's raspberries have a good harvest (about 7 kg per bush), they are often grown commercially, because raspberries have always been in demand in the market.

Also, this variety of raspberries has negative qualities, for example, an unpleasant odor from bushes and sourness of berries. Not everyone agrees to eat sweet and sour berries.

From all that has been said, the main positive aspects of Brusvyan's raspberry can be emphasized:

  • Powerful shoots
  • High fertility
  • Two-time fruiting
  • Unusual taste
  • Transportability
  • Low circumference

Planting and caring for Brusvyan's raspberries

Planting of this variety can be done twice a year - mid-autumn and also spring, that is, October and April. If the seedlings are grown in special containers, then they can be planted at any time of the year, since they are absolutely not picky.

Raspberry Brusvyana loves the bright sides of the garden. If it is planted in the shade, then its shoots will strive upward, but there will not be many fruits on them, and in winter the tops will freeze and die. When choosing a place for raspberries, you must also take into account that they do not like wind and therefore the place must be protected from them.

Prepare trenches before planting seedlings. First, we remove all perennial weeds carefully, otherwise they will harm the root system. Now we are preparing the trench itself, its width is about 50-60 cm, depth is 45 cm.

In order for the seedlings to start well and give a big harvest in the future, you need to add fertilizer to the trench itself - it can be compost or rotted manure. The fertilizer layer should be no more than 10 cm. You can also add mineral fertilizers, for example, double superphosphate, and put vermicompost on the very top.

Now we take the seedlings and plant them in a straight line - one shoot every 30 cm. The height of the seedlings at the time of planting should be at least 15 cm, but not higher than 20 cm, otherwise it will be difficult for it to take root.

The care for this variety is the same as for simple raspberries:

  • Revision of shoots
  • Removal of overgrowth
  • Fertilizer addition
  • Loosening the soil
  • Protection against diseases and pests
  • Bending down shoots for the winter

If you plant correctly, and in the future carry out proper care, then one sprig of raspberries will answer you with 45 gratitude berries.

The usefulness of raspberry Brusvyan

Any sort of raspberry, including Brusvyana, is not only very tasty, but also healthy. It contains a large list of useful substances:

  1. Sucrose, fructose, glucose
  2. Vitamin C, A, B2
  3. Potassium and iron salts,
  4. Pectin
  5. Cellulose
  6. Organic acids
  7. Salicylic acid

Raspberries have a magical effect on our body. Most often it is taken for colds, as it has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effects. It is also a diuretic.

Due to its high content of vitamins, it can be eaten simply fresh throughout the summer, thereby filling the body with the necessary substances for the coming winter. This berry also helps with a decrease in appetite, the best antiemetic and pain reliever.

But not only the berry is useful in raspberries, but the leaves themselves are filled with a large number of useful substances. Raspberry leaves are often used in various pharmacy teas. In cosmetology, the leaves will save you from acne, various types of rashes and skin allergies.

You just need to apply fresh leaves to damaged skin. And if the season does not allow this, then you can brew a strong infusion of raspberry leaves and then apply gauze swabs to the places you need. If you apply fresh raspberry on your face and walk with it for 15 minutes, and then wash it off, your face will seem refreshed and more toned.

Raspberry Brusvyana is one of the best raspberries in every sense. And it is easy to plant, and care does not require much effort, and the benefits in it - no medicine will ever be needed. Our salvation - there is nothing more to say here.

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