Sowing cucumbers in open ground in the country

Sowing cucumbers in open ground begins with choosing a suitable place. You should take into account that this vegetable is quite demanding for high temperatures, soil moisture and air.

Cucumbers and their cultivation

Choose areas for sowing cucumbers that are protected from cold winds and drafts. At the same time, keep in mind that open areas are dangerous because the wind can quickly dry out the soil. Therefore, it is important to find the "golden" mean.

It is very good when there is a pond next to the cucumber garden. It will provide the necessary air humidity for vegetables.

The soil for sowing cucumbers should be:

  • moisture-absorbing
  • fertile
  • not sour
  • well warmed up
  • structural

Growing cucumbers in greenhouses requires you to prepare from the fall. It is necessary to disinfect the soil and the greenhouse, as well as to put in order the installation for artificial highlighting of cucumber seedlings.

The soil should consist of peat, turf, humus and manure. These components for the soil must be taken in equal quantities.

If you are interested in growing cucumbers at home, then you will need special wooden boxes. Make sure that the soil is constantly moist, especially if the air in your apartment is dry. Spray the plant regularly to create natural-like conditions.

Remember to tie the cucumber to a vertical trellis. Usually, after planting, cucumbers begin to bloom after 35 days. By the way, if you bought a bee-pollinated variety, then its female flowers can be manually pollinated.

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