Room chrysanthemum care and its features

Room chrysanthemum care and its features

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Chrysanthemums are very beautiful and very bright flowers that can grow both in greenhouse conditions and at home, the so-called potted chrysanthemums. But it is worth noting that breeders do not stop there and continue to breed new types of chrysanthemums.

It is when it comes closer to winter that chrysanthemums begin to delight their owners with inflorescences. If we compare with other plants that are exotic, then about this flower we can say that it is not whimsical.

He does not need mandatory lighting, soil acidity. It is also worth noting that chrysanthemums are very resistant to any insects (pests). So, let's look at how to plant, care for, and plant potted chrysanthemums.


  • Breeding potted chrysanthemums at home
  • What you need to know about caring for potted chrysanthemums
  • What to look for when buying in a store

Breeding potted chrysanthemums at home

Potted chrysanthemums propagate by cuttings, and this is very easy to do. If you have managed to root a stalk, then you can plant it in a box, and with proper care, the chrysanthemum may already bloom in a few weeks, namely after nine to twelve.

When the bushes have already grown, then they can be connected in several pieces to make it beautiful. But it is worth remembering that no more than 3 - 5, of course, more is possible, but only if the size of the container allows it. If you have chosen a pot for planting, then you need to choose a diameter of 18 - 30 centimeters.

Bushes should be planted in a circle, at the same distance from each other. If you have purchased or bred several chrysanthemum bushes with different inflorescences from cuttings, then they can be planted together - it will look very beautiful both from afar and close.

What you need to know about caring for potted chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums prefer a cool room, so they like late summer and early autumn, when the temperature is already dropping. But flowering occurs at a time when the length of the day becomes no more than eight hours, and this is closer to the winter season.

Chrysanthemum will do well at +18, so it is best to put the pot not near the battery.

  • If the temperature is higher, then the buds may dry out or the leaves may turn yellow.
  • When the plant finishes flowering, then for the winter it can be put in a cold place with a temperature of +3. And in March you need to transplant into a new substrate.
  • Do not feel sorry for the plant and cut the greenery, then your plant will not be elongated, but will bush.
  • The soil should preferably be loose and fertile. For this, garden soil or humus is well suited.
  • As soon as the cuttings have taken root, then they should be fed immediately. Do not forget to feed adult plants, especially during the period of rapid growth and flowering.
  • Do not overdry the plant, there should be moderate watering, which does not overdry the roots of the plant.
  • If your chrysanthemum has given a lot of inflorescences, and you can't wait for it to bloom faster, then you need to cut off some ovaries, then other flowers will be much larger in size.

What to look for when buying in a store

When you buy a chrysanthemum from a store, carefully examine the plant for diseases. The leaves of the plant should not dry out, or any dots should form.

As soon as you bought a plant, you should put it in quarantine for 2 - 3 weeks, in case of latent diseases. After the quarantine is over, the chrysanthemum can be transplanted into another pot and put together with other plants.

The healing properties of chrysanthemums

It is worth noting that chrysanthemums will not only delight your eyes in winter, but will also be beneficial for you. With the help of chrysanthemum, you can:

  1. rinse the mouth with periodontal disease. For this, you should make a tincture, it is she who will help you not only prevent its development, but also improve the condition.
  2. potted chrysanthemum can release antibacterial properties into the air, which can favorably affect the climate in your apartment. It is also very useful for people who have asthma or other respiratory diseases.
  3. chrysanthemum purifies the air just like conifers, but it is worth noting that chrysanthemum, unlike conifers, is much easier to tolerate dry air and strong dustiness of city apartments.

It is these properties that distinguish the potted chrysanthemum from other indoor plants.

In the video below you can watch how to properly maintain a potted chrysanthemum, I think it will be useful for novice flower growers, as well as who have just bought such a flower.

Thus, if you decide to have a potted chrysanthemum at home, then it will delight you very much. Especially during the period when it will bloom.

She can decorate your windowsill and just even cheer up with her variety of colors and varieties. It is very suitable for beginners in indoor floriculture, as it does not need complex maintenance. Enjoy your home gardening!

Watch the video: Grow and care guide for Chrysanthemum. Mums. Gul-e-daudee; a great fallwinter flower (June 2022).


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