How to feed garlic in spring and summer

Garlic has long been widely used for various purposes: medicinal, culinary, to repel insects. Garlic and its vapors have a strong bactericidal effect, therefore it is recommended to use it for sore throat, flu and other colds.

As you know, garlic is planted in the fall, the so-called winter garlic, and in the spring, spring garlic.

Garlic is usually planted in the fall. Therefore, in addition to other issues related to the departure of garlic, the question often arises of how to feed the garlic in the spring after wintering.

The depth of its planting in autumn depends on the size of the cloves and on the type of soil. The distance from the crown to the surface of the earth should be 3-4 centimeters. The planting is mulched with a layer of humus, peat or sawdust to a thickness of 2–5 cm, brushwood is laid out to keep it on the beds of snow, and in the spring the mulch layer is removed so that the plants do not mate.

Traditional care: removing weeds, systematic loosening, watering during active growth.

How to feed garlic in spring? In early spring, it is watered with 1 tablespoon of urea diluted in 10 liters of water. Another one or two of the same top dressing is done in the summer. Can be watered with a solution of slurry, poultry manure in the ratio of 12-15 parts of water to 1 part of fertilizer. They feed, just like watered, only at the root. If the leaves are too lightened, then you need to feed with nitrophos (2 tablespoons per bucket of water).

When the arrows of the garlic grow up to 10 cm, they need to be removed, otherwise you can not even count on a good harvest. Leave and allow to ripen only on a few strong plants "for divorce".

Shortly before harvesting, the soil is raked off the bulbs, which promotes the ripening of the garlic. They remove it when the lower leaves turn yellow. Winter garlic ripens much better than spring garlic. Its scales become tough. But if you overexpose the garlic in the garden, the bulb will disintegrate into cloves, germinate and will be poorly stored.

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