How to fertilize garlic correctly and with what

Garlic is a vegetable crop of the genus Amaryllis family. To reap a good harvest, one "force of nature" is not enough. Sowing seeds is only a small step, then you need to provide good conditions for the sprouts to cut through and the fruits to ripen. To do this, it is necessary to weed and water, as well as fertilize the product.

There are 2 types of garlic: winter and spring. In winter garlic is planted in September-October, before the first frost. The seeds have time to take root and therefore do not freeze in winter. And in spring - in spring, as soon as the snow has melted and the temperature and humidity of the soil allows.


  • Fertilizing the soil
  • Fertilization in spring
  • Foliar fertilization

Fertilizing the soil

For a successful harvest, it is recommended to change the place of planting of garlic every year. Before planting, in 1-2 weeks, the soil is loosened and fertilized with mineral and organic fertilizers: potassium salt, superphosphate and manure. After planting, cover with rotted manure with calculations up to 8 kilograms per square meter.

Fertilization in spring

Winter garlic needs feeding in a week, as soon as the first snows have melted and sprouts have appeared. Since the spring garlic has not yet appeared, then you need to wait with feeding, and it is fertilized when the ovaries are formed. Basically, fertilization is combined with watering. Everyone knows that garlic does not like dry soil, but the main thing is not to overdo it with an aqueous solution, as it can disappear.

3 stages of fertilization:

First step

Winter garlic a week after the snow melted, and spring garlic when 3-4 leaves appeared. Fertilize them with a solution: 1 tablespoon of urea per 1 liter of water. Up to three liters of such a mixture per 1 square meter of the garden plot.

Second phase

Exactly half a month later, a second attempt is made to fertilize two types of garlic. Here, the mineral fertilizer nitrophoska or nitroammophoska is taken. A solution is made for 10 liters of water 2 tablespoons of fertilizer. And 1 square meter is watered with approximately 3-4 liters of solution.

Stage Three

It is the final stage of fertilization that requires precision. It usually takes place in the first month of summer. In this month, the formation of the bulb takes place and therefore this process needs to be controlled. Indeed, in winter and spring garlic, it occurs at different times. Fertilize them with superphosphate. A solution is made, since in the second stage 2 tablespoons of fertilizer are taken for 10 liters of water. Only here, already for 1 square meter of the garden, 4-5 liters of solution are tedious.

Foliar fertilization

Foliar fertilization - spraying on the stalks and leaves of garlic. The big advantage of this method is the rapid absorption of nutrients by the garlic. If garlic is found to grow slowly, this is the best option. But it is not a substitute for the main feeding, but only a supplement. Also, the concentration is also less than in the main one. And it is better to do this in the evening or in cloudy weather, so the substances will benefit our vegetable and it will be 2 times during growth.

Some gardeners use a solution like this: 10 liters of water plus 1 tablespoon of urea and 1 cup of poultry droppings.

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