How to plant tomatoes in the ground

Every gardener should know how to plant tomatoes in the ground, because growing a tomato is the main thing in gardening.

Tomato is one of the most popular crops. At the same time, they respond very well to different forms of cultivation.

Tomatoes can be grown in open and protected ground, for example, under film shelters, in greenhouses, in greenhouses. Sometimes tomatoes are grown on loggias or balconies, or just on window sills.
Any national cuisine cannot do without this popular vegetable. Tomatoes are added to salads, fermented, salted or pickled. Tomato juice is also made from tomatoes, which, in terms of its value qualities, can replace a fresh vegetable.

Tomatoes love warm places, so in order for them to develop better, it is necessary that the temperature is 22-23 degrees, and at night it does not drop below 17 degrees. Any frost will negatively affect tomatoes. Also, growing a tomato requires bright lighting all day.

On how to plant tomatoes in the ground, you should look for as much information as possible in order to do this without mistakes. It is worth remembering that any frost, even small, is destructive. That is why the seedlings must be planted in the ground when the soil is already at least 10 degrees, or even higher. This usually occurs 3 weeks after the most recent frost.

To get a good harvest, you first need to germinate the seeds. Usually, seedlings are grown on the windowsill, right in the room. In order for the seedlings to be complete, they must be sown as much as possible. When the seeds germinate, it is worth choosing the most highly developed plants and diving them. When the seedlings are 45-65 days old, they are planted in open ground.

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