Strawberry Giant Jorney and Gigantella Maxi

Almost all children and most adults love strawberries. Truly, this berry can be called the queen of the garden!


  • Strawberry Giant Jorney - variety description
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  • The benefits of strawberries

Strawberry Giant Jorney - variety description

Especially, of course, it pleases when the strawberry is poured, large in size and fragrant. Such berries are distinguished by the Giant Jorney strawberry variety. On the bushes of this variety, all the berries are large-fruited, besides, the yield is also very high.

The giant belongs to the American varieties of strawberries, but nevertheless it is perfectly adapted to growing in the gardens of our middle zone and even where the climate is colder. The Gigant variety is not capricious to the composition of soils, it grows and bears fruit successfully on almost any soil.

To increase the yield of the Giant Jorney variety, it is best to plant another variety of strawberries nearby, for example, Big Boy. The flowers of this strawberry variety attract much more pollinating insects, which at the same time gladly pollinate the Giant strawberry bushes growing nearby.

A positive feature of the Gigant strawberry variety is its resistance to pests and diseases. Not as often as other varieties, the Giant's bushes are affected by diseases.


You can identify the Giant Jorney strawberry variety by its appearance only by seeing its bushes. They are very powerful, spreading and large. They give an impression of solidity! You immediately understand that the breeders called this variety not only for the large berry.

The berries can be called simply huge in comparison with other varieties: they can weigh up to 60 grams! The color of the berry is very intense red, it seems that they are filled with juice. The shape is conically rounded.

The pulp of this variety is very juicy, with a bright strawberry aroma that distinguishes Giant Jorney strawberries from other large-fruited varieties, which often have a mediocre taste. The berry is not too hard, but dense and elastic, which allows you to transport strawberries of this variety over long distances without deteriorating appearance.

Gigantella Maxi variety

From the name of this variety, it becomes clear that the size of the berries is not inferior to the Giant Jorney, and even surpasses it! It would seem that much more, but, meanwhile, by weight, Gigantella strawberries are from 100 grams or even more.

The bushes of this variety are vigorous, strong, well developed. The leaves are large and wide, very firm and tall, with a thickened stem, capable of supporting the weight of such a truly gigantic fruit.

The berry is very large, similar in shape to cones with an obtuse angle. The pulp is bright, juicy, the berry itself is elastic and dense, very sweet, which again allows you to transport crops over long distances without losing appearance and taste.

This variety is also distinguished by its high yield: about three times during the spring-summer season, ripe berries can be picked.

One has only to draw the attention of those wishing to plant this variety to the fact that it gives the largest berries at the first harvest. In the future, the fruits can be one third less than the berries of the first harvest. But grinding is not reflected in their taste.

The Gigantella maxi variety takes root equally well and bears fruit when planted in the ground both in early spring and in autumn - in September-October.

Gardeners will also be pleased with the fact that Gigantella strawberries are very resistant to the development of diseases, especially fungal ones, and perfectly resist insect pests. You won't have to suffer and torment them with various chemistry with this strawberry.

The benefits of strawberries

Any strawberries, regardless of their size, are not only tasty and can be used as a delicacy, but also very useful. Strawberry has excellent hematopoietic properties, helps to restore salt metabolism in the body, is used in the treatment of kidney diseases and atherosclerosis, and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Strawberries contain a very large amount of vitamin C and are perhaps inferior in its content to black currants. Eating five large strawberries can replace one orange! Strawberries are very rich in folic acid, which is necessary for pregnant women for the proper formation and development of the fetus.

Despite the fact that strawberries are sweet, they can be consumed even by patients with diabetes mellitus, as they can lower blood sugar levels. In addition, strawberries are also useful for anemia, as they compensate for iron deficiency.

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