Corn: growing and caring for it at their summer cottage

It is not difficult to grow a cultivated corn plant, but in order to harvest a high yield, you need to know certain nuances. Corn ripens on the 8th week after the beginning of flowering.

Growing corn

Before you are done planting corn, study her cultivation technology. So, they sow it in late April or early May (depending on the climatic region). Before this, holes are prepared, into which 3-4 seeds are sown. The depth of one hole is about 6 cm, and the distance between adjacent rows and holes is 50 cm. After the first shoots appear, 2 plants are usually left in each nest. After that, it remains to weed and huddle the seedlings.

Precursors of corn:

  • winter crops
  • cereals
  • fodder and sugar beets
  • potatoes
  • buckwheat

In general, corn can also grow as a monoculture, so many summer residents do not pay attention to its predecessors. It is much more important to comply with other conditions.

Corn growing rules:

  • corn loves extremely sunny places
  • grows well on medium loamy or light soils that are well drained, loose, rich in mineral and organic matter
  • you need to feed corn with nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus

As for the amount of mineral fertilizers, it depends on the planned harvest, the type of soil and the predecessor. As you can see, growing corn is not very difficult, even for a beginner.

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