Indoor rhododendron - features of growing and care

Indoor rhododendron is known to flower growers under a different name - azalea. I was no exception: I once bought a luxurious huge bush of room azalea, tried to create a comfortable environment for him at home, but, alas, the plant quickly died.


  • What is an azalea
  • Rhododendron care rules
  • Watering the plant is an important point of care
  • Azalea pests and diseases
  • How to propagate a rhododendron

Therefore, if you want to have a capricious beauty azalea on the windowsill, you should clearly assess your capabilities, time, the presence of the necessary conditions so that the plant does not live only a week, but pleases you further with flowering.

What is an azalea

Indoor rhododendron usually grows in the form of a small bush with rounded glossy dense leaves and blooming large flowers of a wide variety of colors. Azalea flowers range in color from pure white to bright red.

Most often, in indoor conditions, the height of the rhododendron bush does not exceed 30-50 centimeters, but if you grow the plant in the form of a standard tree, its height can reach more than a meter.

Azalea blooms mainly in February-March, sometimes May. The plant should bloom annually, which is achieved with suitable azalea care.

In structure and shape, azalea flowers can be:

  • simple;
  • terry;
  • a flower in a flower, with a total of more than 30 double petals;
  • a flower within a flower, but with simple petals.

Such a variety of shapes, colors, textures of petals will always allow you to find the flower that would satisfy the taste of any grower.

It is the rich bloom that attracts people when they see an azalea in a flower shop. And, looking at this flower, admiring its splendor, people buy an azalea for themselves or as a luxurious gift, not knowing that they have brought a very capricious and whimsical plant to the house.

Rhododendron care rules

In nature, this plant lives in fairly cool conditions. It is this fact that greatly affects the impossibility of its normal growth in room conditions. Many of us do not have a place at home where it would be cool enough to please azaleas.

Therefore, the main reason for the death of a flower is most often the high temperature of the air, dry air.

In addition, azalea soil is not suitable for any, but with high acidity, which is not so common among indoor plants. Therefore, in the store, purchase a specialized soil for growing azaleas with an acidity of pH from 4 to 4.5. It is necessary to make it loose, containing a coniferous component, sand and peat.

Every two to three weeks the plant needs mineral fertilizing, and at the time of bud formation and at the beginning of flowering, it is recommended to fertilize the azalea with a superphosphate solution.

As mentioned above, the heat is practically equated with the death of the plant. The optimum temperature for the growth of rhododendron is + 10-15 degrees. So think about it: can you provide such low temperatures in an apartment?

In the summer it becomes even more difficult to do this, azaleas need frequent spraying, but at the same time it is necessary not to fall from the spray bottle on the flowers of the plant themselves, as this spoils the appearance.

Watering the plant is an important point of care

Watering is also not so simple. It is necessary to increase them in case of an increase in the ambient temperature, to ensure that the soil is always moist.

Azalea prefers soft water, therefore, you always need a supply of settled, but not blooming, clean water.

It is better to place the pot with the plant on a substrate of small pebbles, poured into a pallet. There must always be water in the pan so that the plant receives enough moisture from its evaporation.

Azalea pests and diseases

If the above difficulties have not yet discouraged you from starting an azalea at home, you should know that the capricious nature of the plant is also manifested in its instability to diseases and pests of indoor plants.

Indoor rhododendron very quickly at elevated air temperatures is affected by a spider mite, which can eat your plant swiftly and irrevocably.

Quite often, spots on the leaves of an azalea can be seen, the appearance of which indicates a fungal disease.

How to propagate a rhododendron

If you managed to find an approach to the azalea, and you want to get new plants from the mother, then you can try to propagate the plant with cuttings.

Although here, the azalea shows its complex character: the rooting of its cuttings is a difficult process, most often ending in failure.

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