Brussels sprouts: who has cultivation experience?

I love Brussels sprouts, and recently I thought about the fact that it would be healthier to eat something grown in my garden. Please share!

Brussels sprouts take a very long time to grow. Its ripening period is 170 - 180 days, with the condition of good watering. It is necessary to plant only seedlings, since it is very difficult to grow it from seeds. We planted last year. The harvest was average, but all the mistakes were taken into account:

  1. should be planted at a distance of 50 cm from each other;
  2. cabbage should not be darkened, but it also does not like heat above +25;
  3. abundant watering, as the soil dries out;
  4. fertilization just before planting;
  5. if there are a lot of rockers, the weak ones should be broken off.
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Watch the video: How to grow Brussel sprouts from seed 10 weeks (December 2021).