Currant pest control

Currant - this is one of the most popular types of berries in our area, so currant bushes can be found in almost every garden. Although, like many other fruit plants, currant bushes are often attacked by pests, which can lead to the death of the plant if not stopped in time.

Currant pest control will depend on the time of year and the type of pest attacking the plant. So, for example, before budding, the plant should be examined for the presence of enlarged buds that are affected by a kidney mite, and if there are any, simply remove them. Also at this stage, it is important to get rid of the shoots on which powdery mildew is visible. If at this time any fungal diseases or any varieties of aphids are found on the currant bush, it can be sprayed with nitrophene.

During that period, when the buds have already blossomed, currant pest control will look a little different. The plant can be treated, depending on the detected problems, with karbofos, rovikurt or various sulfur preparations, which perfectly help against ticks.

When the currant bushes already fruits appeared, you can fight such a pest as powdery mildew with a solution of soda ash and soap, and the larvae of sawflies are recommended to simply be shaken off the bush onto the litter, and then destroyed. Pest control of currant gnawing species is carried out, as a rule, with the help of special preparations, which are selected depending on the type of pest and the season.

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