Potato herbicides - a necessary measure

Herbicides are chemicals that kill plants, and they are continuous (killing all plants) and selective (killing only unwanted plants). It is a different matter when planting in large agricultural enterprises, where potato contamination can lead to losses of up to 75% of the total crop.

Herbicides for potatoes are selected depending on the degree of weed infestation on the field. If the field for the future planting of potatoes is heavily clogged with rhizomes of perennial plants, then continuous herbicides are applied in the fall (Glyfors, Roundup, etc.), observing the recommended doses. The same herbicides can be used immediately after planting the potatoes, since they destroy the weeds and cease to work after 2 weeks, and the potatoes emerge in 15-30 days, depending on the weather.

After germination, potato herbicides must be selected with a selective effect. Fusilad forte, Titus, Zellek super and others are suitable, with the correct dose they will not damage the potatoes, but they will destroy the weeds. After harvesting potatoes, the tops remain in the fields. It is also destroyed with the help of herbicides, for example, Reglon super or Basta. Herbicides require care and attention. The application must be uniform, precisely dosed and appropriate to the type of contamination, otherwise they will damage the potatoes themselves.

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