Choosing cucumber seeds for open ground

Every year before the start of the spring-summer season, a huge number of seeds appear in specialized stores with photographs of very attractive fruits, promising 100% germination, frost resistance and huge yields. adapted to the climate where you live, then they will be both fruitful and disease-resistant. If only parthenocarpic (self-pollinated) hybrids are suitable for greenhouses, then bee-pollinated varieties can also be planted in open ground. Just do not think that bees are needed for their pollination, this is only a name, but in fact they are perfectly pollinated by any insects.

Recently, hybrids with a long fruiting period have become popular, for example, "Laplandia F1", "F1Annushka", "Petersburg Express F1" and others. To obtain high yields, summer residents often choose different varieties, among which there must be a variety with a large number of male flowers. "Graceful", "Muromsky", "Cascade", "Movir", etc. will do. If you are not going to preserve cucumbers, then choose salad varieties, they have a more tender crust, for example "Nugget". The Farmer variety is versatile, its cucumbers are smooth, medium-sized and very tasty. There are early-ripening and late-ripening cucumbers, it is better to plant both, so that your cucumbers do not translate all season.

If you or your neighbors had sick cucumbers before, then you should choose varieties that are resistant to diseases: "Adam F1", "Nastenka F1", "Cornflower F1", "Swallow F1", "Vyaznikovsky 37", "Graceful" and many others varieties and hybrids. And don't believe it about frost resistance. Such cucumbers simply do not exist. The best temperature for them is 23-28 degrees, at 15-20, their growth slows down, and if the temperature below +10 lasts for two days, they will get sick and die even without any frost. Even if you choose open field cucumber seeds, it is best to have temporary shelter for them in case a cyclone arrives.

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