Growing strawberries hydroponically is modern

Almost all people in our country know the taste of this wonderful berry from childhood. Moreover, after 3 years, it becomes smaller and the plantation should be transferred to another place.

Growing strawberries hydroponically is an alternative to the traditional one. Plants are placed in special plastic troughs filled with a neutral substrate. They are supplied with the components, which are necessary for plant growth, dissolved in water. This entire system is equipped with equipment for preparing this solution. To get strawberries all year round, they need to be grown in greenhouses. Of course, this raises the problem of pollination. You can pollinate either "by hand" or breed special "greenhouse" bumblebees. In this production, sunlight is replaced by artificial lights and heating. Despite the expensive equipment, the profitability of such cultivation is 100%, it pays for itself very quickly.

In many countries, hydroponic cultivation of strawberries has long been carried out on an industrial scale, for example, in Israel, USA, Japan, Poland, Spain. They sell not only large, dense berries with excellent keeping quality, but also equipment for growing them, and their specialists help to tie projects to specific conditions and terrain.

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