How to find out onion slime in the photo

Everyone is familiar with the onion slime in the photo - it looks original when flowering. At least for the gardener.

How is slime onion different

This is an unpretentious plant. Many have seen him. First of all, it is necessary to pay tribute to the decorativeness. In fact, it resembles a separate flower with a stem. Minimally fertile soil is sufficient for its development. This unpretentious plant is easy to grow.

We list the features of care:

  • Loosening is the key to success;
  • Watering - regular;
  • Weeding is required;
  • It can give up to 5 slices per season;
  • Propagated by seeds;
  • The plant is resistant to diseases.

As we can see, it is not difficult to grow it. Agricultural technicians often compare it to a batun onion. Outwardly, it also has a description. Slime onions grow with flat, thick, succulent leaves of a light green color. They have a delicate taste. The arrows are stiff and are not eaten. The flowers have a light lilac shade with pink.

It's a good seasoning. Due to the juiciness of the leaves, it goes well with various dishes. Slime leaves are filled with vitamins and beneficial salts, especially iron.

The slime is winter-hardy, it is not prone to freezing even in the northernmost regions on the territory of the Non-Black Earth Zone. The root system is made up of numerous string-like roots, which sink to a depth of 50-60 cm. Such is the onion-slime in the photo and in everyday life.

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