Rochefort grape

Rochefort grape - a fairly new variety, but among canteens it is especially popular - primarily for its early ripening, as well as for good yields and undemanding care.

Grape bushes - powerful, in one bush there can be up to 30 shoots. Bush propagation does not require much work, since the cuttings root well.
Flowers Rochefort grapes are bisexual, flowering in early June. Rochefort can be attributed to the market varieties, because it fruit - large, very beautiful dark blue berries. Bunches - smooth, medium density, conical shape, medium size (up to 1 kilogram).
Berries usually of medium size (8 grams), but sometimes they can reach 13 grams.
Skin dense, but not thick, it is not felt when eating.
Berry flavor - sweet, and the pulp itself is juicy and fleshy, you can feel the nutmeg aftertaste.
Yield medium: from one bush you can get from 4 to 7 kilograms of grapes.

Rochefort grape care

Grapes of this variety tolerates temperatures down to 23 degrees below zero, but at temperatures below this indicator, the kidneys can freeze slightly, so it should be covered for the winter.
As for resistance to diseases, it is weakly affected by mildew and rot, and moderately resistant to powdery mildew.
Rochefort afraid of the harsh wind, and loves sunny places.
To improve the quality of the harvest and increase it, grapes need fertilize in time.

Presentation of ripe berries, delicate taste, beautiful bunch, ease of care - that's the main advantages of Rochefort grapes. In addition, the berries are stored for a long time and can be easily transported.

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