Small tomatoes are in no way inferior to large

Small tomatoes, also called cherry or cocktail. But among the many different varieties of small tomatoes, there are varieties that can only be grown at home in the summer, for example "Balcony miracle", but there are those that can bear fruit in the already cold season with a short daylight hours, but with backlight, for example hybrids Cherry Lisa, Cherry Likopa, Cherry Mio, Cherry Kira etc. The fruits of these tomatoes are perfectly stored (especially if you remove the tomatoes with tassels), do not crack, are suitable for freezing, canning and are very sweet. Hybrid varieties of small tomatoes are also disease resistant.

Grow small tomatoes of these varieties on the windowsill can be done in two ways, or at the end of summer, carefully place the bushes in flowerpots (in order to save still well-bearing bush from frost), or immediately in May, plant them in pots and put them in the garden, and then just bring them into the house (so they are less injured).

Tomato pots need to be selected large - from eight to ten liters, it is in such pots that the plant will feel good, its roots will breathe. For drainage, it is better to use expanded clay, laid on the bottom of the pot, the substrate must be selected from garden soil, peat and sand.

Look after for tomatoes in pots, you need to, as for tomatoes in the open field, only you should carefully monitor the moisture of the substrate. You need to rearrange the tomatoes home prepared, that is, from the beginning of August, you need to form up to four stems on the bush so that the fruits have already set. Tomatoes on the windowsill need to install a lamp in order to extend the daylight hours for them to 12 hours; without additional lighting, tomatoes will bear fruit until about December. It is better to protect tomatoes from the hot air of the battery, so a closed insulated loggia will be the best place for them, or it is necessary to install a special screen that will protect the plants from the hot air of the batteries.

Tomatoes need to be fed regularly, and the fruits in the brushes should be rationed so that the plant does not become too depleted.

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