Strawberry everest

Strawberry everest bred by British breeders, more than ten years ago, crossed two other varieties, eventually got a variety belonging to the neutral day varieties. In the first year, in the year of planting, Everest strawberry yields from August until frost, and already in the second year it sets its own regime - the first fruiting coincides with the fruiting of mid-season varieties, and the second peak falls again in August, and bears fruit until frost.

Everest strawberry bears fruit with large and very large berries, which have a bright red color with a shimmering sheen, the taste of the berries is sweet-sour and juicy, the aroma is rich. The berries are resistant to gray mold and transport conditions.

The popularity of remontant varieties is growing, and strawberry everest takes its established place, however, the reviews of summer residents and gardeners about this variety of strawberries are very different, some are in complete delight, while others have not found anything especially in strawberries for themselves. All agree that the Everest strawberry does not require special care, except that regular watering is needed. Also, strawberries perfectly tolerate any winter conditions, one might even say that this strawberry needs a cold period.

In the first year of planting, the strawberry everest throws out its antennae, in subsequent years the antennae do not appear, there are peduncles on the antennae that almost instantly grow to the ground and also bear fruit without depleting the main plant, as they quickly form their own root system.

For good fruiting strawberries, you need to take several necessary steps:

  • when leaves appear in spring, it is necessary to remove the autumn mulch, old leaves, loosen the soil and spray with a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate;
  • nitrogen does not need to be fed often, since strawberries will only go to the foliage;
  • regularly sprinkle the soil with ash, this will enrich the strawberries with trace elements, potassium and phosphorus, and also protect against various pests;
  • it will not be superfluous to periodically spray strawberries with a solution of potassium permanganate or boronic acid during fruiting;
  • it is necessary to mulch the aisle and the soil under the strawberries so that the berries are clean;
  • for the winter, strawberries need to be mulched with either needles or sawdust.

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