How to choose potato planting material?

Potatoes - our second bread, it's hard to even imagine how we would manage without it.
It would seem that there is nothing difficult in planting this vegetable, but the yield depends on many factors, including the planting material, so the question arises - so how to choose potato planting material, so that the harvest will please in the fall?

The first thing to remember is potatoes tend to degenerate, therefore, it is necessary to change the planting material at least once every five years.
It is necessary to pay attention not only to the taste, yield and appearance of potato varieties, but also to its ripening time:

  • late;
  • middle;
  • early.

You should also pay attention to resistance of the potato variety to nematodes, various diseases. Larger tubers will yield the best yield - this rule is also worth taking note of.

Of great importance is also germination of tubers, this process helps to get the harvest earlier, accelerating the emergence of potatoes.

How to germinate potato planting material?

  • Sprouting tubers in a humid environment (for this, the potatoes should be laid out in layers, sprinkling them with material - sawdust, sand, humus. This method helps to preserve the moisture and nutrients of the potato).
  • Germination in the light (this method speeds up the process of germination of tubers by 15-20 days and makes it possible to notice and eliminate diseased and affected seeds).
  • Withering tubers (drying potatoes is carried out at a temperature of at least 10 degrees).

Considering these points, you can increase the yield of potatoes and get real pleasure from this process.

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