Correct planting of onion sets

Planting the onions correctly will guarantee a good, bountiful harvest of delicious onions.

Bow - the plant that we need for a healthy body, which provides us with many vitamins, nutrients, and gives dishes a unique taste and zest. From such onions in early spring at home, you can get early tasty natural greens.

Onions are grown in the open field, planted either in spring or autumn, and to get green onions they are planted in summer. Bow - a biennial plant, it can be propagated by seeds. You can get the seeds yourself if you collect the seeds of the variety you like, however, in the first year of planting, onion sets grow from onion seeds, which rather poorly tolerates home conditions in winter, therefore, to get an onion harvest, it is better to buy onion sets in the spring and plant it on your site.

Rules for the correct planting of onions:

  • Planting material should only be of high quality, without spoilage, rot, so that the tubers are firm and well dried.
  • The sevok should be of the same size, this guarantees simultaneous friendly shoots. If suddenly you have bulbs of different sizes, then the larger ones should be planted first, then the medium-sized ones and the very last small bulbs.
  • Before planting, the onion sets should be warmed up either in batteries or in the sun (the temperature is not higher than forty degrees).
  • On the night before planting, the bulbs are soaked in complex fertilizer.
  • Immediately before planting, the onion should be soaked in copper sulfate for ten minutes, this will help save the onion from fungal diseases.
  • If you want to get greens, then the tops of the onions need to be cut off, if you want to get onions, then you do not cut anything off.
  • The bulbs are planted in pre-prepared beds in a dry and sunny place.
  • For a good summer harvest, the beds should be prepared in the fall so that the onion sets can be planted in the spring.
  • A few days before planting the onion, the beds need to be shed with a solution of copper sulfate (two liters per square meter).
  • You can plant onions only in warm soil, if the soil temperature is below 12 degrees, then problems will arise.
  • Planting depth - no more than four centimeters, after planting it is good to water everything.

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