Zephyranthes robustus and its cultivation

Zephyranthes robustus is a beautiful ornamental houseplant often referred to as "house daffodil". By the way, "water lily" may be written on the package with seeds, although with lilies Zephyranthes pink has nothing to do, since it comes from a different kind.

Flower Zephyranthes robustus cultivation which cannot be called difficult, requires compliance with the temperature regime. So, during active growth, the air temperature in the room should be 18-25 degrees, and during the rest period - from 10 to 12 degrees.

Growing Zephyranthes

Like many indoor plants, Zephyranthes white and pink needs abundant watering in summer, and moderate in winter. But it is best to avoid over-wetting the soil so that the bulbs do not start to rot. As for the humidity of the air, in this matter, Zephyranthes is absolutely not demanding.

Zephyranthes robustus, leaving
which includes an annual transplant, prefers low and wide pots. It is necessary to transplant the plant only during the dormant period. Moreover, when planting the bulbs, you need to ensure that their necks are slightly above the soil surface. Be sure to separate the daughter bulbs.

Zephyranthes prefers nutritious, loose soil. There should be excellent drainage at the bottom of the pot. Do not forget to fertilize the flower with mineral fertilizers from spring to autumn every 2-2.5 weeks. Active feeding stops after the first bud appears, and then resumes after the flowers wither.

As you can see, zephyranthes care relatively uncomplicated, but you will enjoy the beauty of this plant!

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