Lilies of the valley in the photo

Lilies of the valley in the photo associated with love, tenderness and loyalty. They remind white bells round shape, flowers hang down and sway beautifully. Pedicels have membranous bracts.

Bloom lily of the valley occurs in May and June. Lily of the valley leaves are large, they are used to decorate bouquets. The lily of the valley forms after flowering berry bright orange containing seeds. Lily of the valley berry is poisonous. Lily of the valley has a creeping underground rhizome, the roots are numerous and small. Stem without leaves or with leaves under the inflorescence. Lilies of the valley breed seeds or vegetatively.

May lily of the valley is medicinal plant... For medical purposes use grass, flowers and leaves lily of the valley. This plant contains cardiotonic glycosides, derivatives of strophantidine and strophantidol.

Lilies of the valley have a variety of garden forms, they can have a yellow-green border along the leaves, white or golden frequent stripes along the leaves. They began to grow lilies of the valley a long time ago. The plant has been used in medicine since middle Ages... Lilies of the valley are smaller in nature compared to garden lilies of the valley.

Lilies of the valley are especially popular in spring. There are plants with large flowers, as well as exotic lilies of the valley with unusual colors... A bouquet of lilies of the valley looks very beautiful and delicate.

Watch the video: Spellbinders Lily of the Valley from Susans Spring Flora by Susan Tierney-Cockburn How-To (January 2022).