Viburnum pests

Viburnum Is a very popular garden culture in our area. However, like other garden plants, it is susceptible to attacks from various pests, which must be dealt with in a timely manner.

Viburnum pests occur quite often and one of the most common pests that infect viburnum bushes is black viburnum aphid... It is a dark brown or brown insect. Aphids lay their larvae on viburnum leaves, as a result of which the leaves curl and dry out, since the larvae drink all the juice from them. You can fight this pest with the help of special preparations, as well as infusions of pepper, celandine or a solution of laundry soap. Ladybugs also help in the fight against aphids.

Another common pest of viburnum is a small beetle - viburnum leaf beetle... Their size is only 5-7 mm, but they multiply quickly enough and are able to eat all the leaves of the bush, leaving only large veins. These pests of viburnum are quite dangerous, since the plant damaged by them will not bloom next year. You can fight them by spraying with karbofos, if this is done before flowering, tincture of pepper or chamomile, if spraying is done at a later period.

There are other pests of viburnum, which are not so common, but they are also quite common.

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