Growing potatoes according to mitlider: the essence of the method

An empty suburban area always seems larger than a built-up one. So, imperceptibly, we are reducing and reducing the free space that was originally allocated for planting.

If we manage to stick the greens somewhere, then you won't stick some vegetables like that. They are large themselves, and the reserve for the winter needs to be made rather big. This applies to potatoes, for example. To maximize the yield from potato beds, I recommend researching growing potatoes according to mitlider.

Its essence lies in the fact that the beds are narrow, and the passages between them are wide... Here's what you need to do to collect half a centner of potatoes (or even more!) From 150 square meters.

  • Choose the most illuminated area
  • Align it
  • Remove all unnecessary (debris, roots, stones)
  • Mark out even beds (45 cm wide), leave the distance between them about 80 cm (no less than 60 and no more than 100)
  • Dig up the beds (not aisles) while adding fertilizer
  • For each bed, make sides about 10 cm high so that between the sides in the middle of the bed there is 30 centimeters of flat space
  • Make holes for tubers (up to 10 cm deep): in two rows on one bed, arrange the holes in a checkerboard pattern
  • Fertilize each hole with vermicompost, put on potatoes, level
  • You will have to feed three times: when shoots appear, when the bushes grow up to 15 cm, before budding

Growing potatoes according to the mitlider will be a pleasure, because the best experience in growing vegetables is collected in this method... You don't even have to huddle potatoes!

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