Alpine strawberry

Alpine strawberries have recently become increasingly popular among gardeners in our country. Outwardly, these berries can probably remind strawberries, however, the plant itself is very different in both its appearance and the conditions in which it grows, as well as the requirements for care. Berries are also quite different in their taste from strawberries, and their size, as a rule, is much smaller.

Alpine strawberry rather unpretentious to breeding conditions. True, it is quite susceptible to various diseases and pests, therefore, in this sense, it requires special attention. The indisputable advantage of its cultivation is that alpine strawberries are quite frost-resistant and, provided there is a good snow cover, they can withstand frost of 20 and even 30 degrees.

Many fans of alpine strawberries are also attracted by the fact that under favorable conditions and proper care, they can bear fruit almost all summer. True, the crop at the same time the bush gives a relatively small, but in the presence of a large number of plants, it will be quite decent.

However, alpine strawberries are often grown not only for the berries, but also for the sake of decorative functionsthat this plant can successfully perform. Beautiful bushes with beautiful curly leaves and gorgeous flowers look great in various garden compositions. Thanks to these qualities, alpine strawberries have become widespread in landscape design and now they can be found in many gardens and on alpine slides.

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