Lemongrass aquarium plant and its conditions of maintenance

Aquarium plant lemongrass, or according to the scientific nomafila straight, came to us from the warm rivers of Southeast Asia and, thanks to its high decorative properties, quickly became a favorite of many aquarists. The lemongrass aquarium plant is ideal for landscaping a tropical aquarium, where the water temperature never drops below twenty-two degrees (and, as a rule, is at least twenty-eight degrees). Another rather important condition for the normal development of a plant is suitable acid-base balance of water, which should have medium hardness and slightly alkaline or neutral reaction. As for soft water, contrary to common misconception, it is in no way suitable for the plant and quickly destroys its leaves, leaving only the top two or three pairs.

The same fate awaits the lower leaves and in low light... Therefore, it is very important that the aquarium is always well lit. The approximate power of lamps (best of all, fluorescent ones) used to illuminate the container should be at least 0.5 W for each liter of water. Also, it will not be superfluous installation of incandescent lamps and the presence of side lighting, thanks to which lemongrass will keep the leaves on the lower part of the stem longer.

Special requirements apply to the soil as well. So, it should be nutritious and well silted, with the obligatory addition of a small amount of clay. The thickness of its layer should be at least five to seven centimeters, while the consistency of the soil does not matter: a powerful root system will fix well in any soil.

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