We plant tomato seedlings in a greenhouse

Tomato is the most common seedling crop. But the time comes when you need to plant tomato seedlings in the greenhouse.

Before planting, the seedlings should already be slightly hardened, i.e. you need to take it out of room temperature to a colder room.

The first step is to prepare a landing site. To do this, we dig up a bed, make small rovches, at a distance of 20 cm from the side. Spread fertilizers along the rovik, then water them with water. If necessary, you can add compost to the rovts, and then fill it with water again. This entire procedure must be done early in the morning because the temperature will be high in the greenhouse later.

The very planting of tomato seedlings should begin in the evening.

First you need to mark the garden. This process is creative, as they say, that the soul desires, but you need to roughly imagine the "future picture" and keep the distance between the bushes, because they will increase their size.

Remember, tomatoes like moist soil more than moist air.

Having freed the seedlings from the container, watering it in advance, you need to remove the excess leaves. Then we lower the lump with roots into the rovchik, along which we place the trunk, adding earth from the sides. Only the top with 3-4 leaves should remain above the ground (the extra ones were removed). We cover the trunk with earth no more than eight centimeters.

You can then cover the bed with cut grass mulch. It is better to water from a bottle.

And do not forget that seedlings are a future plant that may or may not bear fruit. This will depend on how you treat her.

Watch the video: nctomatomans dense seed planting technique (October 2021).