Sweet pepper "California miracle"

Probably every amateur gardener is engaged in the cultivation of bell peppers on their backyards. Pepper "California miracle" - one of the most popular varieties for cultivation for more than a dozen years.

This variety has an amazing taste. He truly justified the popular name for this kind of peppers - sweet pepper. The California miracle is almost twice as sweet as bell peppers on average. In addition, it is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, the content of which in this variety of bell pepper is almost equal to the content of ascorbic acid in black currant.

The fruits of the "California Miracle" have pink coloring, they large, fleshy. Peppercorn wall thickness reaches 8 millimeters!

To grow this variety of pepper - pure pleasure... This is indicated by many gardeners and gardeners who plant this vegetable on their plots. Pepper seeds are viable and germinate well both outdoors and indoors. The bush of an adult plant reaches a height of one meter, it is powerful, strong, the branches are elastic and they do not need to be tied up. From one bush on average ripens 14-15 pieces of peppercorns... And this is with the most ordinary care, which includes watering and feeding.

"California miracle", although it bears the name of the hot southern American state, is successfully grown in Central Russia and even in the Northwest. Just in order for the plant to have time to give fruits that should grow, peppers are planted in these regions in February - early March, in order to get the time margin necessary for the entire growth period. From germination to harvest, 120-130 days should pass.

Good luck!

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