Growing strawberries from seeds

The most common berry in the garden is by far the strawberry!

Many people buy them as seedlings, but some want to try growing strawberries from seeds!

It is worth noting that growing strawberries on your own is not so difficult! Usually they grow independently remontant strawberries (which bear fruit all summer) or beardless.

To do this, you just need to have strawberry seeds, which you can buy at any gardening store, or make preparations in the summer by drying a couple of strawberries and collect the seeds from them!

You can start growing strawberries from seeds in December. It is enough to plant the grains in the ground, put them on the window (the main thing is no drafts), and do not let the soil dry! As soon as the first leaves appear, it is worth diving so that the seeds do not crush each other, and so that in the future, when planting, they do not spoil their root system!

In early May, you can already plant strawberries in open ground!

But I want to warn you right away, in the year of planting strawberries, it will bloom maximum by autumn, and the fruits will appear only not the next year!

Watch the video: Two Ways to plant Strawberries (October 2021).