Eggplant pictures stir up gardeners' interest

Eggplant pictures always look delicious and not only if the picture shows a vegetable dish, but also the fresh vegetable itself, with its smooth, shiny skin, green tail and inverted crown on the eggplant “bottom”.

Unfortunately, eggplants are not easy to grow, they have features, gardeners and summer residents may experience difficulties.

In order to grow a good harvest of eggplant, so that the pictures of eggplant become real fruits on your table, you need choose the right variety, in our latitudes these are: F1 Behemoth, F1 Baikal, F1 Valentina, F1 Bonika. These varieties differ in yield, taste and some hardiness.

Eggplants are grown through seedlings and it is important that the seedlings are strong and planted in the ground on time, if the seedlings are planted late with already dry and damaged roots, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to grow a crop.

It is best to choose the time for sowing seeds for seedlings in early March, so that in early May, when you need to plant seedlings on a high warm bed, the seedlings are about 60 days old. The seedling substrate should be disinfected; you should not use soil from the garden. The mixture is made from sawdust and peat, diluted liquid fertilizer is added. You should not sow the seeds all in one pot, as eggplant has delicate roots and can be easily damaged when removing plants for transplanting, so plant each seed in a separate small pot. The seeds are placed on the soil, lightly watered with water and slightly sprinkled with soil mixture, covered with foil and placed where the temperature is not lower than 25 degrees. As soon as seedlings appear, the pots should be transferred to where there is most of the light. After the appearance of the first true leaves, the seedlings are "rolled" into larger pots (about 12 cm in diameter) and shaded in order for the seedlings to take root well.

Water the seedlings with warm water, in which fertilizers are bred, making sure that the soil is not too wet or dry.

A good seedling is one that already has ten leaves, looks strong and there are no signs of disease... The right time for planting seedlings is when the soil is no colder than 20 degrees Celsius and the threat of frost passes.

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