Seedlings of strawberries and strawberries - the difficulty of choosing

Seedlings of strawberries and strawberries are represented in many nurseries, many varieties and species plunge many of us into confusion and the more difficult it is to make a choice.

If you want to create a small plantation of strawberries and strawberries, then you should give about eighty percent of your plantings for proven varieties, and twenty for experimental ones, so to speak, for testing, for further selection. When choosing seedlings, you need to take into account the region, the area of ​​your residence, so that the acquired Strawberry and wild strawberry seedlings have survived all the changes in climatic conditions in your region.

For general planting, it is recommended to choose such varieties like Junia Smides (winter-hardy, proven, reliable and early variety), Zephyr (beautiful and early variety), Relay, Tsaritsa, Dukat and others. For a sample, you can try to grow we have a remontant variety Queen Elizabeth, for which we need high beds stuffed with humus, Elsanta, Albion and others.

You should not pay attention to the so-called "curly strawberries", as they simply do not exist, and such a popular variety as "Gigantella", in fact, is not very fruitful, although it produces large berries.

What you should pay close attention to when choosing seedlings:

  • so that there are no dots on the leaves that may indicate fungal diseases, seedlings with spots can be bought only at the end of summer;
  • so that the leaves of the seedlings are not pale, since such leaves may indicate the presence of late blight necrosis;
  • so that young leaves are not shriveled, since such a manifestation in the development of leaves indicates the presence of a strawberry mite in the plant;
  • the leaves of good seedlings should be green, rich in color, shiny;
  • if the seedlings are from an open root system, then its roots should be more than seven centimeters;
  • the seedling horn should be more than 0.7 centimeters;
  • if the seedling is presented with a closed root system, then its roots should fill the entire pot, cassette or glass;
  • if the seedlings are sold in a peat pot, then the roots of the seedlings must penetrate it.

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