Most people, when they hear about a flower like jasmine, immediately remembers green tea with jasmine or perfume with the scent of this beautiful plant. Those who saw how jasmine blooms will immediately present this beautiful sight of a bush thickly hung with incredibly beautiful flowers exuding a magical aroma.

It is thanks to its extraordinary beauty that jasmine has won the hearts of many gardeners and now it is quite often seen in the gardens of our country. Jasmine is also widely used in landscape design... These shrubs are often used to create hedges, as well as in various compositions. Jasmine tolerates shade quite well, which makes it much easier to grow. However, sunny places are still preferable for him, because it is there that the jasmine shrub can reveal its full potential and bloom to the fullest.

Of course, remember that the jasmine that is grown in our gardens is very different from the jasmine that is usually added to tea. The latter refers to evergreens that grow only in warm countries. However, in our country, many manage to breed it in room conditions. The same jasmine that grows in the garden belongs to a different type of shrub, although its flowers are very similar to classic jasmine and they have exactly the same aroma.

Both of these species are beautiful, although each in its own way, which is why they have gained immense popularity all over the world and are in very high demand, both in the form of garden and indoor plants.

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