Strawberry varieties for the middle lane

Strawberries are one of the most popular and delicious berries in modern garden plots. Strawberry has a wonderful delicate taste and an unforgettable aroma, this berry known since the time of Hippocrates... Strawberries contain potassium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, vitamins and are among the top five according to these indicators.

Today, many different varieties of strawberries have been bred, but breeders do not calm down and develop new varieties every year. Can be distinguished early, middle and late varieties... The early ones include - Chisinau early, Biryulevskaya early, Alpha, Krasavitsa Zagorya, to the middle ones - Vityaz, Festivalnaya, Lakomaya and many others. Late varieties are represented by such popular species as Borovitskaya, Leningradskaya late, Zenith, Saxon, Bogota.

This berry is most common in the south of Russia, but there are also special strawberry varieties for the middle lane. Everyone loves strawberries, as they are an excellent dietary product. They are eaten fresh, frozen for the winter, jam, used in pies. Of course, the most useful are fresh berries, they promote appetite, improve digestion and can even whiten teeth slightly. Fresh berries help to normalize salt metabolism, are useful for hypertension and atherosclerosis.

This culture is very fond of sun and watering, gives high and stable yields. Gardeners know that on the site you need to plant 2-3 varieties of strawberries so that it is better pollinated. Today you can choose varieties for mountainous areas, universal varieties, strawberry varieties for the middle lane, for example, winter-hardy variety "Kokinskaya early", the berries of this variety ripen quickly, the bushes give high yields, although the berries themselves are not very large, but the taste is excellent.

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