White tulips

White tulips are considered a symbol of great luck and pure happiness. White is the color of novelty and purity.

Tulip bulbs are advised to be planted at a distance of about eight - fifteen centimeters apart, tulips are planted eight to fifteen centimeters deep for one onion, and for planting double bulbs tulips need a depth of about twenty to twenty-five centimeters.

White tulips have three "seasons" of flowering. Early tulips bloom from mid-March and continue until mid-April. Bloom medium tulips falls from April to May. And here last tulips bloom from May to June. White tulip blossoms can last from one to three weeks, at this time, the petals open, then wither and fall. Most tulip varieties have only one flowering per bulb per season.

There are tulips with double flowering. For example, a white tulip called Tacoma. Tulip Tacoma blooms in the second half of spring, the maximum height of the tulip reaches fifty-five centimeters. Super Bowl is also a white double tulip.

Tulips are a culture not very demanding... Good planting material is needed for tulips. The growing place must be sunny and sheltered from the wind... Tulips are planted in the middle of autumn. During the growing season, tulips need to be watered and fed periodically. For development large tubers flowers must be removed without peduncles and leaves.

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